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The Ordering Process with Wet Dog Tile Co!

 Hi, everyone!

Whether you're looking for a standard design, custom work, or a single Muddy Paw, our website has it all! With many different options to choose from, it may seem a little overwhelming, but the ordering process is actually very easy! Below we'll go over the usual steps in the ordering process so you can get an idea of what to expect if you're ever in the market for some Wet Dog Tile!


Samples help the customer see what the glaze colors look like in person, how the glass reflects, how the stones feel, and much more!

We have sample bones to give an accurate representation of each and every glaze color we offer! In addition, there are sample swatches of every option from our Mosaic Textures palette to show the variation in style and color of the available glass and stone options.

Our 12" border sections are a great resource if you're planning to have a large border, say, in your bathroom, but you aren't sure if you should pull the trigger. Being able to see a small section of the border and placing it in the room in question will help you visualize what the final product will look like and make the decision a whole lot easier!

Concept Drawings

The next step in the process depends on if you're ordering a standard design or not! We have many standard designs to choose from, and we even offer Quick Ship items that can ship out in 2-3 days! If you're ordering custom work, however, we recommend our artists create a concept drawing for you to get an idea of what our artists have in mind. These concept drawings are made to scale with incredible detail and are another great resource to help visualize the final product! After receiving the concept drawing the customer has a chance to make any changes they'd like. Below are a few different concept drawings our artists have put together recently.

 Begin Production

With the concept drawing approved we can move onto production! We check stock to see what needs to be glazed to fulfill your order - any Friends that need to be glazed are glazed by hand and fired in our kilns! We cut mesh to the exact measurements provided and lay it out on our production tables. Our artists then start creating your mural/border by placing each Friend, stone, and piece of glass by hand. 

Dry Lay Photos

Once your order has been fully laid out we take a dry-lay photo and send it off to you. This photo will be a top-down or perspective look at your complete order for you to approve. We are still able to do minor changes during this stage. For instance: changing the glaze color of a Small Starfish, removing Skipping Stones from a beach area, or changing the position of Sea Gulls. Once the customer approves the dry-lay photo then we begin the gluing process!

End Production

Each piece placed on the mesh is picked up and glued back down onto the mesh backing. This is a tedious process but not only does it ensure our artists have chosen the best pieces for your order, but it also makes things a lot easier during the installation process! Once fully glued the border/mural is left to dry before being cut into interlocking sections.

Packing and Shipping

Cutting your order into interlocking sections ensures that when your order is installed there are no visible seams! It also makes the packing process a lot easier. Shipping out 30 linear feet of a border would be quite the feat if we didn't cut it up prior to shipping! For larger designs an installation diagram is provided for the installer's reference to make sure all the pieces fit correctly. Each section is labelled, wrapped, and packed tightly into a box. Depending on the number of sections your order may be packed into multiple boxes. We use recycled cardboard and local newspapers as packing material to keep your order nice and safe! Once your order is completely packed it's then weighed, labelled, and shipped out our door to yours!

These pups are excited to receive their order from Wet Dog Tile Co!

Ready to place an order with Wet Dog Tile Co? Give us a call at 1-603-835-8099 or email us at and we can point you to a local showroom or work with you directly!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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