After you’ve checked out our site, we’d love for you to come by and see the daily goins’ ons at our quirky handmade tile studio in the sticks of southern New Hampshire. If goofy dogs, cool tile, and an eclectic group of former interior designers, high end tile sales consultants, and art school dropouts having fun making tile, and often times experimenting with all things awesome is your thing, then our blog will be right up your alley. Even if its not, it’s a fun way to look into the magical world of handmade tile.


Our Favorite Installation Photos!

Hi, everyone!

Over the years we've built up a collection of hundreds of installation photos that can be seen on our Photos & Ideas page. These photos are great for ideas and inspiration as we show installations in a wide variety of spaces, including floors, walls, wet and high heat applications. 

We'd like to share a handful of our favorite photos we've received and dive into detail about each of them!

This custom kitchen backsplash mural we created is definitely one we really enjoy. The calm, neutral colors work well with the creamy white subway tile surround it and results in a beautiful kitchen backsplash that's easy on the eyes. This mural features our 13" Octopus, 6" Large Crab, 6" Mermaid, and 3.5" Small Sea Turtles, just to name a few!

The mural has found its' forever home in a historic Coronado beach house in Coronado, San Diego, CA.

This kitchen was a winner in San Diego Home & Garden's 25th annual Kitchens of the Year contest! Photos by Gail Owens, feel free to see more photos of this beautiful home and more by visiting this website.

This installation is very close to our hearts, not only because we really enjoy it, but because it's installed in our workshop! When our new shop was built we wanted to create something that incorporated all of the new Friends we were unveiling at the time. This custom backsplash + counter combination features our 14" XL Seahorse and 10" Large Seahorse, both from the Ocean Dog Big Guys Collection, the 13" Octopus, 8" Large Sea Turtle, 4"-5" Otters, and much more!

This custom fire pit is another one that stands out for us. The vibrant glaze colors contrast well with the neutral tones of the natural stone. Clear oval glass mosaics, we call Currents, are mixed in with natural stone Pebbles and glazed Rounds to match with the crushed fire glass in the center. Did we mention how beautiful it looks at night?

Last but certainly not least is this custom kitchen backsplash mural framed in our new handmade Hound liners from the Frames, Liners, & Rails Collection! A handful of styles to choose from including two glass options in clear and frosted finishes to work perfectly with any design! We're so happy to offer these as the perfect finishing touch to accentuate your Wet Dog Tile border or mural because we end up receiving cute installation photos like the one above!

It was great looking back at all of our installation photos! If you'd like to do it for yourself feel free to hop on over to our Photos & Ideas page and take a look!

Have a great day, everyone!


This Week at Wet Dog Tile!

 Long time no talk, everyone!

We've been extremely busy here at Wet Dog Tile Co! So busy that we've had to take a step away from social media for a little bit and focus all of our attention on orders! We'll continue to do so for most of  this month but things will be back to normal beginning in October!

 In the meantime, check out a few orders we've been working on!


A classic design, closely based on our standard 18"x18" "Are We There Yet?" mural from the Ocean Dog Collection. We've added some width and, along with more baby sea turtles, have added in two 3" Small Flat Sea Turtles.

This is the concept drawing for the mural below. These custom concept drawings are a great tool for the customers to visualize what their final mural will look like!

This custom mural features some of our newer Friends in the Ocean Dog Collection, the Flat Sea Turtles! There two 5" Medium Flat Sea Turtles with shells glazed in Good Boy Blue and the 6" Medium Starfish is glazed in Rip Tide offer a stark contrast and really stand out from the rest!

Here you can see Ophie inspecting our work! This large custom mural features a huge assortment of Friends including dolphins, turtles, seahorses, crabs, starfish, and much more! The customer sent us custom stone to incorporate into the mural and we think it's turning out great!

Concept drawings aren't only a great tool to help customers envision the end product - they're also a way to easily communicate changes! The final mural, shown below, has a few differences compared to the original concept drawing - can you spot the differences?

This mural features our 11" Large Heron from the Pond Dog Collection. It feels fresh and bright with the mixture of Raindrop and Snowflake glass puddles! Speaking of herons...

A surprise visit from a familiar friend! Today's overcast skies and calm waters make it the perfect day for this male great blue heron to sit and fish from the dock!


New Installation Photos!

Hi, everyone! We're back from our Summer break and have plenty to share with you!

The Photos & Ideas page on the Wet Dog Tile website hosts hundreds of photos of installations in a wide variety of spaces! You'll find kitchen installations, bathroom installations, and a bunch of other fun areas such as fireplaces, pools, and outdoor showers to name a few!

Today on the Wet Dog Blog we'd like to share some new installation photos with you. While there will be a few new ones to see here, the real gold mine will be over on the Photos & Ideas page, so be sure to check that out! 

 Alright, enough barking - onto the photos!

This mural is based on our 18"x18" "Significant Otter" standard design from the Ocean Dog Collection. It features our handpainted 4" and 5" Otters and a few new additions such as the 5" Small Jellyfish and 5" Medium Sea Lion.

This was quite the fun project! These irregular shaped "pools" feature all kinds of nautical creatures! This is a great shot of our newer Tropical Fish from the Ocean Dog Big Guys! We'll have more photos of this project soon!

A bit toned down from the last photo but just as important! This mural is closely based on our 18"x18" "Are We There Yet?" standard quick ship design from the Ocean Dog Collection. This project is special because it features our new "Bernese" mouldings from the Frames, Liners, & Rails collection. These mouldings are handmade, can be hand-glazed in any of our artisan glazes, and add the perfect finishing touch to accentuate your Wet Dog Tile border or mural!

This bathroom mural features various Friends such as our 6" Large Flat Sea Turtle, 3.5" Small Sea Turtle, 7" Jellyfish, and 7" Large Dolphin with a matching pair in the shower niche on the right! All of our tile is suitable for wet areas so a shower is the perfect spot for a little Wet Dog!

We hope you enjoy these new installation photos as much as we do! Remember, there are hundreds more to look at over on the Photos & Ideas page!

Have a great day!


This Week at Wet Dog Tile!

 Hey, everyone!

We'd like to share a few projects we're working on this week! The sun is shining, the dogs are barking, and the tables are full!

We've been hard at work! One of our artists can be seen here putting together our "Swimming Turtles" specialty border from the Ocean Dog Collection.

This is a fun work in progress. This custom mural features our 12" Whale, 6" Large Crab, 5" Medium Sea Lion, 4" Small Sea Lion, and more!

This custom mural features our 7" Large Dolphin, 5" Small Dolphins, 6" Medium Seahorse, 5" Medium Flat Sea Turtle, and more!

This custom mural features a bunch of fun Friends such as the 10" Swimming Mermaid w/ Shell, 10" Diving Mermaid w/ Braid, 8" Large Jellyfish, 2" Shore Birds, and many more!

Ophie and Sly soaking up some sun!


Have a great rest of your week, everyone!


Friends with Minor Flaws!

 Hi, everyone!

As some of you may know, we have a page on our website dedicated to finding forever homes for our Friends with minor flaws! Our Seconds page contains a selection of pieces that didn't quite hold up to our high standards and are being offered at a discounted price. Whatever the circumstances may be, these are unique and one-of-a-kind pieces that need loving homes!

We've recently added quite a few new Friends to the Seconds page so we'd like to shine the spotlight on a couple of them! To see the rest, head on over to the Seconds page!

This is our 6" Large Flat Sea Turtle from the Ocean Dog Collection. This piece is glazed in Tub Time and Squirrels. This piece is slightly warped so the fins don't sit flat on the surface. For more details and pricing visit our Seconds page.

This is the 6" Flat Crab from the Ocean Dog Collection. This piece is glazed in Splish Splash and the glaze didn't react how we had hoped when fired in the kiln. For more details and pricing visit our Seconds page.

This is the 12" Lobster from the Ocean Dog Collection. This piece is glazed in Ruff Red (Sponged) and has a small imperfection on its tail. For more details and pricing visit the Seconds page.

This is the 7" Cattail from the Pond Dog Collection. This piece is glazed in Dog Park and Phil the Brindle. The glazes on this piece didn't turn out how we had hoped in the kiln. For more details and pricing visit the Seconds page.

These are our Sea Biscuits from the Ocean Dog Collection. These range from 1.5" to 2.5" and are glazed in Sky Blue. The glaze didn't turn out how we had hoped in the kiln. For details and pricing visit the Seconds page.

Don't see anything you like? There's plenty more to choose from on our Seconds page! We update this page with new pieces quite often so check it out and see what's new!

Have a great weekend, everyone!