After you’ve checked out our site, we’d love for you to come by and see the daily goins’ ons at our quirky handmade tile studio in the sticks of southern New Hampshire. If goofy dogs, cool tile, and an eclectic group of former interior designers, high end tile sales consultants, and art school dropouts having fun making tile, and often times experimenting with all things awesome is your thing, then our blog will be right up your alley. Even if its not, it’s a fun way to look into the magical world of handmade tile.


Big Guys Update!

Hey, everyone!

In late 2016 we announced our new "Big Guys" collection which included a selection of our decorative free-form tiles, we call "Friends". These pieces artfully depicted whimsical sea creatures, just like our "standard" Friends, but in a larger scale for use in more prodigious spaces!

Since the release of these Big Guys we've been including these larger format pieces in numerous custom borders and murals. Below are a couple examples using our XL Jellyfish, XL Seahorse, and Tropical Fish!


We are now happy to introduce our new Big Mosaic Textures! Currently only for the Ocean Dog Collection, these are a selection of our "standard" mosaic textures but made to a larger scale to feel balanced in bigger spaces! See below for our new offerings and stay tuned for more installation photos coming soon!

This is our large Kelp / Grass. These pieces are hand-cut to various sizes from 5" to 7". These pieces can be glazed in any of our glaze colors!

These are our "Rounds" and "Drops". These are all handmade pieces ranging from 2" to 3" and can be glazed in any of our glaze colors!

Our large "Puddles" range from 2" to 4" and come in multiple sizes in both clear and frosted finishes.

Our "Pebbles" are natural stones collected from beaches and rivers. These pieces vary from 2" to 4".

Last but not least, these are our "Skipping Stones". These are tumbled natural stones in irregular shapes and sizes up to 5".


This Week at Wet Dog Tile!

 Hi, everyone!

We've been very busy the last couple weeks here at Wet Dog Tile! Check out some of the projects we've been working on...


This piece is part of a larger mural that we're creating. This custom mural features Friends from the Ocean Dog Collection, such as our 6" Large Crab, 6" Flat Sea Turtle, 7" Large Dolphin, 5" Small Dolphins, 6" Medium Seahorse, and more!

Another panel of the large custom mural, this one featuring our 12" Lobster, 5" Medium Sea Lion, 4" Small Sea Lion, 3.5" Small Sea Turtles, and more!

A long shot of the same mural, this photo featuring our 13" Octopus, 8" Horseshoe Crab, 6.5" Algae #1, and more.

A different custom mural, this one based on our "As The Tide Goes Out" standard mural but using the Textures, Minis, and glaze colors used in our "Ocho and His Lady" standard mural!
Last but not least, this custom arch-top mural featuring our 6" Flat Sea Turtle, 5" Swimming Sea Turtle, 5" Small Jellyfish, 5" Shell w/ Coral, and more.
We love sharing what goes on behind the scenes so we hope you enjoy it as well! Stay healthy, stay happy, and have a great rest of your week!



Our Friends with Minor Flaws!

Hi, everyone!

Our Seconds page features a selection of pieces that didn't quite hold up to our high standards and are being offered at a discounted price! Some may be glazed in discontinued glazes, or have come out of the kiln with unexpected characteristics. Whatever the circumstances may be, these are unique and one-of-a-kind pieces that need loving homes!

Below are a select handful of pieces offered on our Seconds page!

This was a display board used in one of our showrooms. We've since updated our standard "A Walk on the Beach" design so this board is no longer accurate. With frame this measures 19.5". Wooden frame - not recommended for wet areas. Intended to be placed or hung as an art piece and not an installable mural. For more info and pricing head to our Seconds page

This set of Lily pads are glazed in Rin Tin. These were glazed for an order but didn't turn out how we had planned. For more info and pricing head to our Seconds page

This 7" Moose is glazed in Leather Leash and Bailey's Cream. There's a small imperfection in the clay for it's face. For more info and pricing head to our Seconds page

These are our 7" Large Dolphins. They're both glazed in Harry Heron. The glaze misfired and didn't turn out how we had hoped! For more info and pricing head to our Seconds page

We've also added some leftover Textures we use in our borders and murals! Take a look!

We currently have 14 sq. ft. of our Boulder Beige pebbles we're offering at a discounted rate. For more info and pricing head to our Seconds page

These are our Snowflake glass puddle textures. These are mesh-mounted and we have 26 sq. ft. available at a discounted rate! For more info and pricing head to our Seconds page

Again, our Snowflake glass puddle textures, but these are plastic-faced. We have 24 sq. ft. available at a discounted rate! For more info and pricing head to our Seconds page

Last but not least, these are our Sunshower glass puddle textures. We currently have 16 sq. ft. available at a discounted rate! For more info and pricing head to our Seconds page

Interested in seeing more? We have quite the collection of Friends with minor flaws eagerly waiting to find their forever homes. Head on over to our Seconds page to see what's available and be sure to check back because we're regularly adding new additions!

Have a great rest of your week, everyone!


Bunny, the Talking Dog | Wet Dog's Dog of the Week!

Just shy of a year old, Bunny the dog knows much more than the usual "sit" or "paw" commands. This sheepadoodle - a mix between a poodle and an Old English sheepdog - is learning how to talk, and already uses more than 40 words to let herself be heard.

Bunny's owner, Alexis Devine, is teaching Bunny to speak using alternative communication devices; tools that are usually used to help people with verbal speech deficits communicate. Bunny has learned to use a series of programmed buttons to talk with her family. Each button plays a prerecorded word or phrase once pressed, and Bunny even knows how to press multiple buttons in a row to shape her thoughts.

Since sharing Bunny's progress she's become quite the superstar, gaining over 3 million followers on TikTok, 300,000 on Instagram, being featured in People magazine, and more!

Devine has begun working with scientists and experts to start collecting and analyzing data on a larger scale, hoping to identify some patterns and to learn more about Bunny’s comprehension.

“I mean I started it for fun, but now that I’m involved with people who are scientists, that’s what’s really keeping me going,” Devine said. “I’m just sort of thoroughly enjoying the ride regardless of the destination at the moment.”

Learn more about Bunny by visiting this link to find her socials, merch, and more information!

We hope everyone has a fun and safe Holiday weekend! Enjoy!


This Week at Wet Dog Tile!

Hey, everyone!

It's been a busy week here at Wet Dog Tile Co.

We thought we'd take you behind the scenes to see a few of the projects we're working on! 

This large mural features some of our favorite Friends; our 11" Whale, our various Sea Otters, 3.5" Small Sea Turtles, and more! With this being a kitchen backsplash, we've left open spaces where the outlets will go, for both ease of installation and for a true perfect fit!

Our 11" Whale from the Ocean Dog Collection glazed in Oh' Sprinkler. Not only are these pieces made by hand but they're glazed by hand as well, meaning not only are there endless possibilities for color customization, but also each piece is completely unique!

Another mural, this one featuring our Currents from our Mosaic Textures palette. These Currents add variation to show ripples or movement in the "water" section of the mural - a detail that would be otherwise looked over if they weren't present.

Last but certainly not least, this is a small 6" border we're in the final stages with. This border features our 4" Flat Flip Flops and 5" Ray Bans - both from the Ocean Dog Collection. This is a bathroom vanity backsplash and will wrap on two walls!

We hope you enjoyed a look at our current projects! Have a great rest of your week, everyone!