After you’ve checked out our site, we’d love for you to come by and see the daily goins’ ons at our quirky handmade tile studio in the sticks of southern New Hampshire. If goofy dogs, cool tile, and an eclectic group of former interior designers, high end tile sales consultants, and art school dropouts having fun making tile, and often times experimenting with all things awesome is your thing, then our blog will be right up your alley. Even if its not, it’s a fun way to look into the magical world of handmade tile.


We're Snowed In!

Hey, everyone! Long time no talk.

We've been hard at work preparing to roll out our new borders, murals, and friends! We're in the homestretch; only a week or two to go!

In the meantime we wanted to show you what we're dealing with up here in New Hampshire. Snow. Lots of it.

Last week all the snow had melted and we thought we were finished... boy, were we wrong. Since then, we've gotten two snow storms each giving us around 15" of snow and we've got a 3rd storm on the way! So, unfortunately, it looks like we'll be going into Spring with almost 3 feet of snow and a possibility of another 12" after Spring arrives!

Ophie, the youngest Wet Dog, loved her first winter!

We hope everyone stays warm wherever you may be! Have a great weekend.


Sneak Peek of our New Borders & Murals!

We've been teasing new pieces, borders, and murals for quite a while now and we're finally in the homestretch! Final touches have to be done but within a week or two we'll have a bunch of new things up on the website! Check out a few new mural & border additions below

This is our new "Significant Otter" border. This border features our new "Deep Ocean" blue glass color, as well as new friends like the 4" Otters, Mussels, and more. Sitting beneath are 3 more borders being added to the website.
And here is the mural to match! This 18"x18" "Significant Otter" mural will be one of our new standard mural options for the Ocean Dog Collection. It features the same new Otters, Mussels, and Deep Ocean glass. Of course, these can be made to any size you like!

"Jellin'" shown in 18"x18" is another new addition to the Ocean Dog Collection. This features 4 new jellyfish; Extra Small 3", Small 5", Medium 7", and Large 8".
We've got a lot more to share and will be doing so over the next couple weeks until the website is fully up-to-date! Have a great rest of your week, everyone!


Long Time No Talk!

Hi, everyone!

We have been working diligently on updating our website. There are a quite a few changes and many new items! Below are a few new pieces from the Ocean Dog Collection

5" Jellyfish glazed in Lichen

4" Small Ray glazed in Wolfhound

6" Medium Seahorse glazed in Lichen

Not only do we have new pieces, but we also have a few new employees! We've partnered with the local college, Keene State College, and are able to give students a look into the world of freeform stoneware tile and mosaics. These new employees are also able to earn college credits for working here at Wet Dog Tile - pretty cool!

We're anxiously waiting to unveil the new website, "friends", standard borders & murals, installation photos, and more! 

Here's to 2018! 🍻


The 1 Year Anniversary of our Shop Fire...

As of yesterday, December 17th 2017, it's been one full year since our old shop caught fire

In some ways it feels as if it was just yesterday, and in other ways it feels as if it happened forever ago.

Come to think of it - it must feel like forever ago because so much has happened since then...

In early January the first walls of our new shop went up. By June 1st we were ready to move in! Fast forward to today, we've been in our new shop for almost 7 months! 

With more than 2x the amount of space as our old shop, we've really had space to grow...

Our first floor is completely open with new long tables we can arrange however we need. Our stock levels of materials, bisqueware, and glazeware have never been so high!

New shelving holds all of the molds we saved from the fire. In the upper left corner you can see our old Wet Dog Tile sign that was taken from the old shop before it was torn down.

The second floor contains a pottery room, artist room, shipping and receiving, a second kiln room, an office space, and the glazing room you see above. 

The 3rd floor is mostly storage space along with a break room and a bathroom. The mural in the photo above is in the 3rd story bathroom - it contains new pieces that we'll be putting up on the website next month! Pieces such as otters, jellyfish, seahorses, and much more.

 Not only do we have a new shop and new pieces to unveil, but we've hired some new, friendly faces! The Wet Dog team keeps growing!

We can't give enough thanks to everyone who has helped us get where we are today. Those who helped build the shop, our wonderful customers, and all of our supporters - thank you. This wouldn't be possible without any of you! 2017 has been one crazy year but we are forever grateful. ♥


Winter Is Coming!

With the first day of Winter sneaking up, we wanted to take a minute to share some of our past murals and borders that use pieces from the Lake Dog and Pond Dog Collections!

While the Ocean Dog Collection is by far our best-selling, we always love creating murals using pieces from the other two collections, such as Moose, Bear, Leaves, and so much more!

This mural below is one we're working on right now. It's currently in the dry-lay stage about to be glued and shipped!
This is our "In The Meadow" mural from the Lake Dog Collection. It features various leaves and a 7" Moose in the center.
Below are a few of our favorite murals to date using pieces from the Lake Dog and Pond Dog Collections. These murals would be great for a lodge, log cabin, farm house, or any space that needs a rustic and natural feel to it!

Feel free to check out the Lake Dog Collection and the Pond Dog Collection on our website!