After you’ve checked out our site, we’d love for you to come by and see the daily goins’ ons at our quirky handmade tile studio in the sticks of southern New Hampshire. If goofy dogs, cool tile, and an eclectic group of former interior designers, high end tile sales consultants, and art school dropouts having fun making tile, and often times experimenting with all things awesome is your thing, then our blog will be right up your alley. Even if its not, it’s a fun way to look into the magical world of handmade tile.


The Gang's All Here!

Hey, everyone!

We thought it'd be nice to show what's going on here at the studio today! We've got a full house so we're kind of stepping on each others' paws but that's okay; the more friends, the better!

One of our artists is working on our Kelp - hand pressed and hand cut stoneware mosaics from our Wet Dog Minis palette! Once fired and glaze these add unique texture and character to any of our mesh-mounted borders or murals.

Once the Kelp is cut our artists shape each piece by hand, resulting in each piece being one of a kind!

This is our Wet Dog Minis palette. Not only do we make Kelp, but we make these other pieces by hand as well! A lot of love goes into these little guys!

We're also glazing! While it does get messy, it's very rewarding. When fired, glazes change dramatically. This  12" Lobster is being glazed in Unleashed - a two-tone, highly reactive glaze!

Loading up the kiln trays with 5" Swimming Sea Turtles and Kelp!

This tray just came out of a kiln firing! A few notable Friends here are the 6" Medium Seahorse, 5" Shell w/ Coral, and the 3" Small Crab!

All of our favorite furry friends and hanging with us today! From left to right: Ophie, Luna, Sly, and Leo!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Quick Ship Designs!

Hey, everyone!

As many of you know, here at Wet Dog Tile we love creating custom borders and murals to compliment each individual space, but did you know we also offer a selection of pre-design options as well? Our standard mural designs are 18"x18", and our standard border designs are offered in either 4" or 6" widths and sold per linear foot (although you will never see a seam or repeating pattern due to our layout process)! 

We have quite a few standard designs to choose from in our Quick Ship program, which are available in as little as 3 to 5 days (plus applicable transit time)!

This is our red flying dog symbol, better known as our "Quick Ship" dog. Any item on our website with this dog on it means it's available for Quick Ship!

"Are We There Yet?" shown in 18"x18" from the Ocean Dog Collection

"As The Tide Goes Out" shown in 18"x18" from the Ocean Dog Collection

"A Walk On The Beach" shown in 18"x18" from the Ocean Dog Collection

"Starfish - Tidal" shown in 4" from the Ocean Dog Collection. This border coordinates with our Quick Ship mural "As The Tide Goes Out", but is available in other color ways as well.

"Medley - Tidal" shown in 6" from the Ocean Dog Collection. This border also coordinates with our Quick Ship mural "As The Tide Goes Out". Check out our Ocean Dog Borders page for other available color ways.

"Fallen Leaves - Autumn" shown in 4" from the Lake Dog Collection

Designs available for Quick Ship are still made and glazed by hand with just as much love as any other design we offer but without the longer lead time! If you're interested in a Quick Ship design, any standard design, or custom work, we love doing it all! Head over to our website to see the rest of our designs and find details on how to order!

Have a great week, everyone!


New Installation Photos Featuring our New Friends!

Hey, everyone! 

This week's post is exciting for us because we get to show off a few of our new Friends in some new installation photos! These photos come from a recent order installed in New England where we were lucky enough to use a handful of our new additions to the Ocean Dog Collection, such as the Kraken Tentacles, Merman, and a bunch more! 

Check out the photos and details below!

This eclectic kitchen features wooden countertops, a handmade butcher block island, industrial piped open shelving, a custom octopus-shaped chandelier with pendant lighting, and a handmade mosaic backsplash wrapping around the entire kitchen! We created the backsplash using our combination of stone, glass, and ceramic decorative pieces such as tentacles, turtles, mermaids, fish, shells, and much more!

This installation is special to us because it features a bunch of our Friends, new and old, as well as our new moldings offered in the Frames, Liners, & Rails Collection!

Not only did we use new Friends but we used plenty of our old ones, such as the 10" Diving Mermaid w/ Braid, 8" Large Jellyfish, 7" Medium Jellyfish, 5" Sea Otters, and more.

We used a mix of moldings from the Frames, Liners, & Rails collection to tie everything together! In this photo you can see the "Bernese" with the top edge flipped and used as a base. We're also using the "Dachshund" pencil liners and "Hound" chair rail molding throughout!

Up close and personal with the "Urchin Eater" Sea Otter, "Floater" Sea Otter, and a couple new Kraken Tentacles! This is also the perfect shot to show the intricate measurements we're able to frame using our handmade moldings.

A beauty shot of our new 13" Merman, based on the Greek God Poseidon, swimming with a few more Sea Otters, various Jellyfish, our 3" XS Fluid Fish from the Lake Dog Collection, and more!

We're very happy with how this turned out and so is the customer! Think you've got room for Wet Dog in your home? Head on over to our website for more photos, information, and ideas!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


New Year, New Friends!

Happy New Year, everyone!

For our first post of 2020 we'd like to keep the ball rolling and show off a few more Friends we just released!

In the last Wet Dog Blog post of 2019 we announced over 20 new Friends have been added to the Ocean Dog and Lake Dog Collections! Among these Friends are Flat Sea Turtles, Kraken Tentacles, Freshwater Fish, and more! Check out a few we've handpicked below and be sure to look at the rest of the new additions on our website!

This is our new 6.5" Algae #2 from the Ocean Dog Collection! It's a great addition to the collection and fits in with our Eel Grass, Seaweed #1, and Seaweed #2, allowing for variation and endless possibilities!

Our new 2" hand-painted Fly Lures from the Lake Dog Collection! With 5 different styles to choose from and being able to glaze these however you wish, we end up with a one-of-a-kind lure with incredible detail!

These are the new 3.5" Extra Small Flip Flops from the Ocean Dog Collection. These are glazed in "Waffles" with "Tripod Teal" straps but can be glazed in any of our artisan glazes! If you're looking for something larger we also have 4" Flat Flip Flops and 8" Large Flip Flops - all in the Ocean Dog Collection!

Our new 9" Fly Fisherman from the Lake Dog Collection! We're able to hand-paint these pieces to achieve great levels of detail. We have a 9" Fly Fisherwoman available as well! Both would look great in a mural with the Fly Lures shown above!

These are only a few of the new Friends we've added, so be sure to go take a look at the new additions on our website! What pieces would you like to see from us in the future? We'd love to hear from you!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


New Friends!

Hey, everyone!

In last week's Wet Dog Blog post we showed how easy it is to create layouts using our predesigned borders and murals as inspiration! In the same post we also showed a sneak peak of some new "Friends" we've created, specifically the 5" Medium Flat Sea Turtle and the 3" Small Flat Sea Turtle.

Well, this week we have some exciting news...

We have a bunch of new Friends now available! Over 20 new Friends have been added to the Ocean Dog and Lake Dog Collections! Check out some of the new Friends below and view the rest on our website!

These are our new "Kraken Tentacles", part of the Ocean Dog Collection. These are glazed in "Reef" but can be glazed in any of our available glaze colors! We're excited about these new pieces to add a cool new texture and detail to our designs.

The new 5" Medium Flat Sea Turtle, part of the Ocean Dog Collection.  Along with our 6" Large Flat Sea Turtle and 3" Small Flat Sea Turtle, this piece provides additional versatility to floor installations and other applications where less dimension is desired. It is shown glazed in "Blue Merle" with a "Reef" shell!

This is one of our new 7.5" Freshwater Fish from the Lake Dog Collection! With 4 Freshwater Fish in total there's endless possibilities! These can be glazed in a single glaze color or hand-painted in colors and patterns of your favorite species (shown above to represent a Rainbow Trout)!

This is our new 13" Merman from the Ocean Dog Collection.  Based on the Greek God, Poseidon, this piece would do great in a nautical setting! 

There are plenty more new Friends to see on our website, so go take a look!

Have a great rest of your week, everyone!