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Sea Turtles - A Fun New Mural from Wet Dog Tile!

 Hi, everyone!

We've added a new pre-designed mural to our Ocean Dog Collection! Better yet, it's part of our Quick Ship program, meaning that it's available to ship within 3-5 days instead of our typical 2-3 week lead time on pre-designed murals!

"Sea Turtles" Corner Design shown in 16"x16"

This mural features a 6" Large Flat Sea Turtle and our 2" Baby Sea Turtles. This is designed to be installed in a corner and installed within on-site field tile. The "Sea Turtles" Corner Design coordinates perfectly with our "Are We There Yet?" standard mural and border. While this is a new design and we have yet to receive installation photos of it, we'd love to share similar projects to give an example!

This custom corner design features the same 6" Large Flat Sea Turtle and 2" Baby Sea Turtles with a few more Friends! 8" Large Sea Turtle, 6" Large Crabs, 6" Medium Starfish, and many more! This scaled concept drawing matches with the dry-lay photo below.

This dry-lay photo matches with the scaled concept drawing above. This custom mosaic mural will be going on a shower floor and will be inlaid with surrounding field tile. With foot traffic in mind we designed this to have flat Friends closer to the standing area. Our tile is made with extremely durable stoneware clay and is suitable for all wet areas both indoors and outdoors!

Here is another custom corner design with custom wall panels to match. This features our 13" Octopus, 6" Mermaid, and 6" Medium Seahorse.

This custom corner mural may be closest to our new "Sea Turtles" corner design. It features all the same Friends in the same layout however, aside from different glaze colors, this design includes Pebbles and Skipping Stones from the Mosaic Textures palette.

 We're very excited to receive installation photos showing off our new "Sea Turtles" corner design!

Thanks for reading, everyone! Have a great rest of your week!


This Week at Wet Dog Tile!

Hi, everyone!

We've had our first snowfall here at Wet Dog Tile! While the temperatures have dropped outside we're still holding onto the beachy vibes in the studio! Check out a handful of our latest projects below!

This custom mural features both our Large and Small Dolphins, Small Sea Turtles, Baby Sea Turtles, Large Crab, and more!

This mural features our Extra Small Starfish, Small Starfish, Medium Starfish, and Large Starfish. Believe it or not, we actually have even more Starfish options available in the Ocean Dog Collection that include flat variants perfect for floor installations!

This bright and colorful custom mural features our newer Kraken Tentacles from the Ocean Dog Collection! Seagulls, Mussels, Sea Urchins, and more make this quite an exciting mural!

This custom mural features our 8" Large Flip Flops, 4" Flat Flip Flops, and both 5" Sunglasses options!

A fun nautical scene, this mural features our Large Dolphin, both Small Dolphin variants, Large Crab, Small Crab, and our Small Ray stingray piece!

Hope you stay warm and have a great rest of your week!


Happy Howloween from Wet Dog Tile!

Happy Howloween from Sly and Ophie! These two resident "wet dogs" will tolerate costumes a little better than our other two! Not to worry, all four dogs will be getting plenty of treats!

We all hope you have a fang-tastic Halloween!


This Week at Wet Dog Tile!

Hi, everyone!

The temperatures are starting to drop but the fall colors are as vibrant as ever here at the Wet Dog Tile studio! Take a look at the foliage around the lake!

Inside the shop we've been hard at work! Check out a few of the current projects we're working on!

Here our artists are creating more of our popular "As The Tide Goes Out" 18x18" mural from the Ocean Dog Collection! These murals are pre-designed and available for 'Quick Ship' meaning they can ship in 3-5 days rather than the normal lead times!

Information for the "As The Tide Goes Out" 18x18" mural can be seen here! More at!

This is a custom 21" x 21" mural that will be going into a kitchen! Pieces marked with tape are used as placeholders while the correct pieces are glazed and fired! This mural is still a work in progress!

Another custom mural, this one measuring 36" x 30". This mural features our popular 8" Large Sea Turtle! As you can see by the matching scaled concept drawing there is still a ways to go until this mural is complete!

Thanks for looking, everyone! We hope you have a great remainder of your week!


Fall is in the Air at Wet Dog Tile Co!

Hi, everyone!

Fall is in full swing here at Wet Dog Tile and we're enjoying every second of it!

The fall season is the perfect time to show our Pond Dog and Lake Dog collections a little extra love! These collections feature leaves, pine cones, oars, and a bunch of fall critters such as the Flying Goose, Large Heron, Bear, Moose, and so much more! Rustic enough for a lodge or chalet but modern enough for a more contemporary aesthetic, the Pond Dog and Lake Dog collections make it possible to have the fall season year-round!

Check out a handful of installation photos featuring Friends from the Pond and Lake Dog collections below!

Here's a quick peek at a custom mural we're excited to get installation photos of! This mural features Friends from the Lake Dog Collection like the Adirondack Chair and the new Fur Babies, as well as Friends from the Pond Dog Collection like the Flying Heron, Ducks, and more!

In this dry-lay photo you can see how it looks compared to the scaled concept drawing. We love the Friend combination in this mural!

Let's enjoy the beautiful colors of the fall foliage while we still can!

Enjoy the rest of your week, everyone!