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A New Wet Dog Tile Studio!

As most of you may know, with two weeks left of 2016 our tile studio caught on fire and was unsalvageable. Thankfully, everyone was safe and we were able to save a good portion of our materials and tools. For the past month we've been working in a temporary studio bringing our stock levels back up as well as creating and shipping out plenty of new orders! 

While we've been working diligently getting Wet Dog up-and-running again, we've had a very special team of builders building our new studio that we are extremely excited for!

With most of the materials cut and ready to go, the first walls went up last week - with siding and windows!

This studio will have the same footprint as our last studio but will be quite a bit taller. 

 A lot of planning has gone into this new studio and we're very excited about it!

This is the progress as of 01/25/17
We're very happy to share our progress as a team as well as the progress of our new studio! More news and updates to follow - have a great day, everyone!


Just A Little Update

Hey, everyone! We've been keeping pretty busy since our last post! 

Our kiln was delivered and we've been steadily doing bisque and glaze firings almost every other day. Between firings we're focusing on our inventory levels - which are going up quickly! Yesterday we sent out our first order since the studio fire. It may be a small package but it's quite the big deal! 

Believe it or not, yesterday marked exactly one month after the fire, so we think we're in pretty good shape!

In this photo you can see Moe (left) shocked that we have a package to ship out so early

This order was just glued and is waiting to be sectioned, packaged, and shipped.

We'll be slowly updating from here on out! Have a great day, everyone!


We've Been Quiet, Here's Why...

Hello, everyone! We're very excited to post our first post of 2017. We've been very quiet for the last couple weeks and we're very sorry about that, but we have a reason for the silence...

In the early morning of Saturday, December 17th our studio/production facility caught fire. 

Luckily enough the fire departments responded so quickly that once the fire was put out we were able to get out the irreplaceable items - our handmade molds. We were able to save about 90% of our molds, as well as our production tables and a good portion of our materials. Unfortunately we were unable to save the building, but no one was hurt and that's most important. We are very thankful for that.

We are also thankful for everyone who helped that morning including the local fire departments, neighbors, friends, and family... not to mention those who have since helped us get back up on our paws and continue doing what we love to do!

We are temporarily working out of a nearby building while our new workshop is being built! All of our molds have been cleaned and we've begun pounding new pieces as of last week. While we lost most of our glass and stone inventory, we were able to salvage some and those have been cleaned as well. We're putting bisque and glaze firings in our new kiln later on this week and borders and murals should be in production again next week!

Our molds look a little more rustic now! The clay has been pressed and now we wait until the pieces are ready to come out.
New pieces are out of the molds, drying, and waiting to go in the new kiln!

Even our sign was saved from the side of the old shop!

All of us here at Wet Dog can not thank everyone enough... from the fire departments, to the family and friends, to our understanding customers - thank you!

Here's to a fresh start to the new year - let's make 2017 great!


New Installation Photos

Over the past couple days we've updated our Photos and Ideas page with some newer installation photos! Check out the few we've hand-picked to put on the Wet Dog Blog below!

This kitchen backsplash was created with very calming, neutral colors. It's a great focal point for, what seems to be, a very bright and clean new kitchen!

This 4" bathtub surround is a real favorite of ours. The coral colored extra small starfish (glazed in Pretty Pitty) give it a nice "pop"!

This installation is pretty different from the rest - Wet Dog contributed the small 3" 'Muddy Paws'  (from the  Pond Dog Collection). The whole piece, as a whole, is beautiful!
Want to check out more? Head on over to the Photos and Ideas page to see the rest of the photos!


This Week at Wet Dog!

The wood stove is burning, the snow is falling, and the Wet Dog workers are working! Check out a few of the murals we're finishing up this week!