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Creating Our "In The Moonlight" Mural

Today we're going to be taking a look at a mural we've been working on this week. Some of you may recognize it - it's a variation of our "In The Moonlight" mural from the Pond Dog Collection.

The customer wanted a few things changed such as adding an otter, cattail, and oysters, and removing the lily pads shown in the standard mural below. Something important is missing...

The customer's mural is currently missing the black slate surrounding the heron and glass - but we're working on that! Since everything we create is laid out by hand there is always a touch of variation, so whenever we create the "In The Moonlight" mural we have to custom-cut slate for each mural individually.

We begin by tracing the shape of the pieces we need to surround. To make this look the best it can it needs to have a thin grout joint - in order to do that we need to trace the curves of each piece of glass to give it a snug fit.

With the outline traced onto the slate we take it outside and use a specialty wet saw that we use to cut the curved shape.

Now that the slate fits snug around the glass and Flying Heron we're able to glue, cut, package, and ship this mural!

Below is an installation photo of another variation of the "In The Moonlight" mural we've done. Even though we offer it as a 'standard' design, just like the rest of the standard designs we offer, it's very easy to customize and make it your own!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Something a Little Different This Week | Behind The Scenes

Hey, everyone!

This week we'd like to show something a little different from the regular border or mural you're probably used to seeing. Bear in mind, this is nowhere near the final stages, but we'd like to share our progress!

Here at the Wet Dog shop we've got a pretty nifty tool we use to recycle clay.

This machine is called a pugmill. Specifically, it's the VPM-7 from Peter Pugger. Essentially it recycles clay! It takes in all clay (dry, wet, powder) that hasn't gone in the kiln and it mixes, de-airs, and ultimately unloads 3" diameter logs of useable clay. This saves us a ton of time, stress, and work.

What is special about this machine is that we are able to use extrusion dies to make the clay come out into specific shapes rather than the original 3" log. With that in mind, we had special dies custom made by Peter Pugger that we are able to fasten onto the pugmill and, with those dies, we are able to create some pretty impressive ceramic border moldings!

Above you can see one of our first test pieces after using one of the custom dies on the pugmill. Our Wet Dog intern, Ophie, is meticulously inspecting the piece (and making sure there are no treats hidden near it).

While we are still in the very early stages of creating these moldings, this is a huge step towards being able to offer trim pieces to match our handmade murals. 

If you've followed us for a while then you've probably seen our Photos & Ideas page which shows hundreds of photos of our tile. Quite a few photos, like the one below, show a mural made by us, which was then framed with a stone molding, and surrounded by field tile. Our ultimate goal is to be able to provide both the mural and molding to match.

Hopefully we will be able to begin offering these in Spring 2019 but only time will tell! Until then, keep an eye out for updates, as we continue to work on perfecting them.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Borders and Murals that are Truly One of a Kind!

Hey, everyone!

As most of you know, we offer an assortment of pre-designed murals for ease of ordering, but what we really love doing is creating unique one-of-a-kind designs. What can make these even more special is when our customers supply pieces to go into their design. Check out some examples below, and try to spot the hidden accents!

Here's a custom 20"x32" mural we're finishing up. This mural has a customer-supplied Petoskey stone in the upper left corner. It also features oars from the Pond Dog Collection, fish from the Lake Dog Collection, and starfish, turtles, and shells from the Ocean Dog Collection. This is actually not the first mural we've used a Petoskey stone in...

We recently worked on a mural that had multiple smaller Petoskey stones that were mailed in by the customer for our artists to add in.

A bit different from Petoskey stones - in this custom mural the customer supplied sea glass and sharks teeth!

Here's the installation photo of the custom mural with sea glass and sharks teeth. We are always happy to incorporate customer-supplied pieces into our murals and borders - it definitely makes them one-of-a-kind!


Nautical Bathroom Project | Design Process

Hey, everyone!

Today we thought we'd take you behind the scenes and show you our design process for a custom layout. This was a more recent project which turned out great and we just received photos of the finished installation so we'd like to share! This bathroom was a fun project for us. The client wanted a custom mosaic border to wrap around the entire bathroom so that's what we set out to do!

Once we received measurements and the "Friends" and colors were chosen, our artists created a detailed concept drawing to scale, along with specifications for Mosaic Textures and Glaze Colors. 

The drawing was then sent to the client for review. When we got the 'OK' to begin production our artists got to work! They glazed all of the "Friends" and mosaics needed for the design, cut the mesh backing to the correct sizes, and began laying everything out. Once the layout was complete, we photographed the design and sent it to the customer for review. Below you'll see the "dry-lay" photo for this order.

Once approved, our artists then picked up and glued down each and every piece onto the mesh backing. After the glue dried it then got cut up into smaller interlocking sections for ease of shipping and installation. We labeled each section, packaged the order, and shipped it out. Once installed and grouted, you can't tell where it was cut apart in the first place. Also, because this custom border was designed specifically for this space, the border wraps seamlessly around the inside corners!

Below are a few of the installation photos we received. See if you can match up the sections from the dry lay photo in any of the installation photos!

Overall we're very pleased with how this turned out, and most importantly the client cloves it! You'll find these photos and more over on our Photos & Ideas page! Enjoy!


New Kitchen and Bathroom Installation Photos!

Hi, everyone! 

This week we've got a few new installation photos to show you. Our Photos and Ideas page on the Wet Dog Tile website has over 200 photos of various borders, murals, and other mosaics we've created. Check out a few new ones below!

Like what you see? You'll find these photos and a whole lot more over on our website!