After you’ve checked out our site, we’d love for you to come by and see the daily goins’ ons at our quirky handmade tile studio in the sticks of southern New Hampshire. If goofy dogs, cool tile, and an eclectic group of former interior designers, high end tile sales consultants, and art school dropouts having fun making tile, and often times experimenting with all things awesome is your thing, then our blog will be right up your alley. Even if its not, it’s a fun way to look into the magical world of handmade tile.


New Installation Photos!

Hi, everyone!

We've been keeping busy here at Wet Dog Tile. Our lakeside production studio is located in the hills of New Hampshire, so while we're not quite near the ocean, our Ocean Dog Collection continues to bring the ocean vibes to us! 

We thought we'd share a few new installation photos to bring some ocean vibes to you as well. The murals and borders featured in this Wet Dog Blog post were made with Friends from the Ocean Dog Collection! Check them out below!

This kitchen backsplash most notably features our Deep Ocean "Puddles" and  various  "Currents" from our Wet Dog Textures. We love using these as their rich colors really stand out!

Another kitchen backsplash, this one featuring a bunch of Ocean Dog "Friends", such as the 12" Lobster, 4.5" Baby Lobster, 7" Large Dolphin, 6" Large Crab, and more! This mural is framed with our handmade "Bernese" moulding from the Frames, Liners, & Rails Collection!

This kitchen features a custom nautical border that follows the entire countertop! Using measurements provided by the customer we can create a piece of art that perfectly fits the space. We're able to work around electrical outlets and light switches as shown.

Another look at this custom nautical border. It features a bunch of our Friends, such as the 3" Small Crab, 4" Small Sea Lion, 5" Medium Sea Lion, 3.5" Small Sea Turtles, 5" Swimming Sea Turtle, 3" Extra Small Starfish, and much more!

This is a dry-lay photo provided by us that is sent to the customer prior to gluing and shipment. The purpose of these photos is to give the customer a good look at what their border or mural will look like and allows for small changes. In this photo you can see we measure accordingly for outlets and switches so that everything fits perfectly!

Interested in seeing more installation photos? Head on over to our Photos & Ideas page! We have hundreds of installation photos to look at and to get inspired by! We're adding new photos regularly so check back often!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


A 'Quick' Update!

Hey, everyone!

Hope you are all safe and well and hopefully enjoying more time with your families! 

As we are coming out of our busy spring season and into the summer months, we are starting to boost our inventory and continuing to bring our new Snow Dog Collection to life (more on this in the near future). Today we want to tell you about a new design which will be included in our Quick Ship options!

This mosaic, designed to be installed in the corner of a shower or bathroom floor is a highly-requested derivative of our "Are We There Yet?" mural from the Ocean Dog Collection! Since it's so popular we've decided to add it to the Ocean Dog Collection as a Quick Ship option!

This mesh-mounted corner design is laid out with irregular edges, made to approximately 14"-16" wide. It features a 6" Large Flat Sea Turtle, 2" Baby Sea Turtle, and misc. Shells, all mixed into our glass Puddles, with trails of glazed Rounds for added texture and detail. Also shown in the photo are five loose individual 2" Baby Sea Turtles we often ship with this design to be installed into the customer-supplied floor on site to create the look of movement. While we can also create a full shower floor mural for a more impactful design, this corner piece is a great way to add a fun, but more subtle, detail to any space.

We've created many variations of this design, usually with Turtles, but this design can also work just as well with other "Friends" like our Small Crab.

We'll have this new Quick Ship corner design stocked and ready to go at a moments notice! We're here for all your tile needs and are still able to meet our lead-time promises!

Visit our website to see what's new or feel free to reach us via phone or email with any questions and/or comments!

phone: 603-835-8099


Wet Dog Tile and COVID-19, We are open!

There are times we have all confronted throughout our lives, times that we will later look back and reflect on how truly surreal they felt. Well, friends, this is one of them; drafting an update to you, our incredible followers, clients, and friends, about how we are working through this unprecedented time.

Business brass tacks first. We are open! Although we were sad to see our beloved college interns packing up a month early, we still have great inventory levels thanks to a robust winter season of hard work. We are happy to report we can meet most demanding timelines, often exceeding typical lead times!

With that said, until further notice, we are currently holding orders for 24 hours prior to shipping. Although there is limited possibility for transmission through packaging, we feel we should err on the side of caution like the rest of the world.

We are in somewhat of a unique situation, in that all of our full time staff live on the “Wet Dog” property. We have two families in two separate private residences, as well as our design/production studios all within a few minute walk of each other. Yup, good ole’ fashion commune situation here folks. With the exception of our kids home from school for the next three weeks, this self-quarantine is just another day here at Wet Dog Tile!

We have tailored our business model over the years, cultivating our website and services, to allow for purchasing without leaving your home. We send samples directly to you, emailing drawings and mock-ups, along with most correspondence; and if you want a nice chat, feel free to call anytime, we will be here. So if you have been thinking about starting your spring/summer/fall projects, now is the perfect time!

Lastly, we want to just say that there are two ways you can choose to look at what we are facing; either with fear, emotional distress and panic, or rather as an opportunity to focus on the beauty of humanity at its best. By recognizing the good of what so many are doing, and how we can help in our own ways, we will come away from this with a stronger sense of togetherness as a nation, and positivity toward our fellow human beings.

Be well, be kind.

Our deepest appreciation,

The staff of the Wet Dog Tile co.


Spring is Just Around the Corner!

Spring has almost sprung here at Wet Dog Tile! With the snow melting, the ground thawing, and the birds chirping again, we'd like to share some of our favorite outdoor installations we've done over the years!

This outdoor fire pit surround is one of our favorite designs. We used our medley of glass, natural stone, pebbles, and glazed Friends to create a custom seascape!

Some notable Friends in this design are the 6" Large Crab, 7" Large Starfish, 8" Large Flip Flops, 8" Large Sea Turtle, 8" Large Driftwood, and many more.

Our pieces are glazed with high quality, non-toxic, lead free glazes! Our kilns reach temperatures of 2300°, so our tile is perfect for high-heat applications such as this!

Another outdoor design, this one part of a series of installations leading to an outdoor shower.

We used our medley of glass, natural stone, and pebbles to create these giant mosaic starfish with additions of glazed ceramic kelp from our Wet Dog Minis palette to tie it all together!

Because we use durable materials we're able to create pieces of art in any setting! Our tile is rated for indoor or outdoor applications, frost-resistant, and slip-resistant, meaning you won't have to worry about falling when it gets wet!

Another wet application, we created these custom nautical murals to surround this inground pool. Each mural has a spotlight to light up the seascapes at night!

Last but not least, this is one of our newer outdoor installations! A custom nautical backsplash mural behind an outdoor grill. This goes to show there are endless possibilities with Wet Dog Tile, not only with what pieces we can use, but also where those pieces can go!

Interested in seeing more installations? Our Photos & Ideas page is updated regularly with new installation photos in kitchens, bathrooms, and all other areas you could think of!

Have a great day!


Turtles at Wet Dog Tile!

Did you know there are more than 356 species of turtles? The origin of turtles date back 220 million years ago, making them older than both crocodiles and snakes! Here at Wet Dog we have many different turtle Friends available from both our Ocean Dog and Pond Dog Collections, as well as a few standard border and mural designs that include turtles! 

Check out what we have to offer down below!

8" Large Sea Turtle glazed in "Tripod Teal" & "Waffles" - Ocean Dog Collection

6" Large Flat Sea Turtle glazed in "Fetching" & "Waffles" - Ocean Dog Collection

5" Medium Flat Sea Turtle glazed in "Blue Merle" & "Reef" - Ocean Dog Collection

3" Small Flat Sea Turtle glazed in "Waffles" & "Rin Tin" - Ocean Dog Collection

3.5" Small Sea Turtle glazed in "Rin Tin" & "Lexy Lou" - Ocean Dog Collection

5" Swimming Sea Turtle glazed in "Tripod Teal" & "Peanut Butter" - Ocean Dog Collection
2" Baby Sea Turtles glazed in "Waffles", "Rin Tin", "Fetching", "Tripod Teal", & "Blizzard Blue" - Ocean Dog Collection

3" Tortoise glazed in "Rin Tin" & "Lexy Lou" - Pond Dog Collection

All of our turtles (along with the rest of our Friends) can be glazed in any of our high quality artisan glaze colors to look exactly how you want! Choose from our Warm, Cool, or Neutral glaze palettes!

Because our love for turtles runs strong we offer a few standard border and mural designs that feature our various turtle Friends from the Ocean Dog Collection:

6" "Swimming Turtles" standard border design

6" "Are We There Yet?" standard border design. This is made to coordinate with the "Are We There Yet?" mural

18"x18" "Are We There Yet?" standard mural design.

While our standard designs are shown in specific lengths and widths, we're often making them at a custom size to fit your space!

We've also made plenty of custom borders and murals that feature our turtles - head on over to our Photos & Ideas page to see what's possible!

Have a great weekend, everyone!