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This Week at Wet Dog Tile!

 Hi everyone! Happy New Year!

Here's to a better, safer, and happier year ahead.

As we get back into the swing of things after our howliday break we thought we'd share a couple orders we're working on this week!

This is a mural based on our standard 18'x18" "Those Summer Days" mural from the Pond Dog Collection. With different dimensions but the same basic layout, this mural has been customized to be exactly what our customer wants. A few additions to note: 1" Ducklings, various fish, leaves, and pine cones, all from the Lake Dog Collection.

This is our standard 18"x18" "Those Summer Days" mural grouted and all. This mural features the 5" Canoe, 4.5" Jumping Dog (Papa), various Oars and more, all from the Pond Dog Collection.
This is a cool border we're having a lot of fun with! This border features our 3" and 4.5" Jumping Dogs, 3" Muddy Paws, and even our Dog Bones that are normally used as glaze color sample swatches! This border will be installed in a dog washing area and is the perfect border for any dog lover!

Ophie and Sly both agree that the dog bone border is nice, but it would be a little nicer if it were edible...

Have a great rest of the week, everyone!


Happy Howlidays from the Wet Dog Crew!

 Hey, everyone!

This week will be a short one for us as we're taking the end of the week off to safely spend time with our loved ones for the holidays. Wet Dog will be closed from December 23rd through January 4th, 2021. With that being said, we'd like to show you what's currently on our work tables!

We are currently working on a giant custom mosaic mural that is taking up 90% of our table space. This is a custom master bathroom floor design that sprawls across the entirety of the room, with one end pooling around a free-standing tub and the other angling down into a shower trench drain. Below you can see the scaled concept drawing as well as the dry-lay photo taken in our design studio.

For us to create this floor we've had to split it into sections and complete those sections separately. It's been quite the project!

 Another fun, though smaller, custom mural we've been working on is this one below.
 We're always happy using Friends from our Lake and Pond Dog Collections! With murals like this we're able to use some of our funky glaze colors such as Luau Lavender on the 2" Dragonfly and 1" Butterfly.

Thank you for catching up with us in these Wet Dog Blog posts - we really appreciate it! Happy Howlidays from the Wet Dog family to yours! We look forward to seeing you in 2021!


Wet Dog Tile's Dog of the Week!

 Hi, everyone!

Every now and then we like to turn our attention to our favorite furry friends. In this week's Wet Dog Blog post we want to shout out Phelan, who has recently taken the crown as America's Fastest Dog.

Phelan, a greyhound, borzoi, and Scottish deerhound mix breed, is a 4 year old rescue dog who just recently won the American Kennel Club's inaugural Fastest Dog USA competition


Phelan, AKC's winner of the Fastest Dog USA competition. Photo by Mark L. Baer/MLBaer Photography

Over 100 dogs competed in the event this year, and Phelan came out on top, completing a 100-yard dash in 6.346 seconds - or 32.3 miles per hour! For reference, Usain Bolt's fastest time has been clocked at 27.44 miles per hour.


Phelan doing what she does best! Photo by Mark L. Baer/MLBaer Photography

We would also like to honorably mention Buster, the Pekingese. Although he was the slowest dog in the entire event, he is now the fastest Pekingese in the nation! 


Buster, the nation's fastest Pekingese. Photo by Mark L. Baer/MLBaer Photography

With that said, Buster, coming in dead last, didn't go home empty-pawed - he was awarded the "Turtle Award" for being the slowest dog with the biggest heart.

Have a great rest of your week, everyone!


This Week at Wet Dog Tile!

 Hi, everyone!

We've had a busy week here at Wet Dog Tile! Between making Quick Ship pre-designed murals and custom orders our tables have been full for a while! Check out a couple custom murals we've worked on this week below...

This is a custom 18" x 30" mural that features some of our favorite Friends from the Pond Dog and Lake Dog Collections such as the 5" Swimming Dog w/ Stick, 5" Fairy on Dragonfly, 7" Cattail, and more!

This is the concept drawing for the mural above. In our concept drawings we show dimensions, glaze colors, pieces used, and approximate layout.

A larger custom mural, this free-flowing waterfall design will run down a shower wall onto the shower floor, over the curb, and into the bathroom floor! This mural features our 10" Swimming Mermaid w/ Shell, Kraken Tentacles of various sizes, and much more!

Another angle of the free-flowing waterfall bathroom mural. In this photo you can see the curb sections that will connect to the rest of the mural.

Here is a perspective view of the mural above! As you can see, it's quite large and spans over a few different surfaces! We're very excited to get installation photos of this one!

Sly and Ophie seen here keeping an eye on our artists to make sure they're behaving.

Sly's face when he hears we can expect up to 12" of snow this weekend!


Have a great weekend, everyone! Stay happy, stay healthy, and stay warm!


Quick Ship Designs!

 Hi, everyone!

We're keeping busy this week by focusing on Quick Ship orders! Our current production schedule is booked through the New Year and into the beginning of January 2021, but with the holidays inching closer, we still are offering Quick Ship murals and borders! 

Our Quick Ship murals and borders are pre-designed pieces that can ship out in 3-5 days! We offer quite a few different 18"x18" murals and 4" or 6" border designs sold per linear foot (although you will never see a seam or repeating pattern due to our layout process). Check out a few photos below and follow up on our website for more information on our Quick Ship collection!


These are our 18"x18" "As The Tide Goes Out" murals in production.

Here's a better look at our 18"x18" "As The Tide Goes Out" Quick Ship mural. This mural is from the Ocean Dog Collection and features our Large Starfish, Medium Starfish, Extra Small Starfish, Small Shells, and Small Sand Dollars.

Ophie, one of our four on-site 'good dogs', overseeing quality control and making sure our artists are doing their jobs efficiently, safely, and correctly. Ophie concluded that the artist working on the "Are We There Yet?" Quick Ship murals was doing a fantastic job.

A closer look at the 18"x18" "Are We There Yet?" Quick Ship mural. This mural is from the Ocean Dog Collection and features our Swimming Turtle, Baby Sea Turtles, Quahog Shell, Small Seahorse, Small Shell #4, and Small Sand Dollar.

We have many more Quick Ship designs that you may enjoy! Feel free to visit our website to take a look for yourself! Any design featuring the red flying dog (shown below) is a Quick Ship item and can get to you ASAP! These Quick Ship designs would make a great gift for the holidays!

For more information visit our website or reach out to us!

phone: 603-835-8099

Have a great weekend!