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New Installation Photos!

Hey, everyone!

We've got a short and sweet post this week.

We've added a few new installation photos to our Photos & Ideas page on our website. These new photos are in the Kitchen gallery! There will be more added next week but in the meantime check out what we added today and keep an eye out for more new ones to come!

A nautical mural featuring our 6" Mermaid, 8" Horseshoe Crab, 4" Baby Horseshoe Crab, 3" Extra Small Jellyfish, 3" Small Crab, and more!

This large backsplash features our 6" Flat Sea Turtle, 3.5" Small Sea Turtles, 6" Large Crab, 6" Medium Starfish, and much more.

Another custom kitchen backsplash, this one featuring our 7" Large Starfish, 4" Small Starfish, 3" Large Sand Dollar, 2" Baby Sea Turtles, and more!
Check back soon as we'll be uploading even more new installation photos!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


New Members on the Wet Dog Team!

We've got some new friends here at Wet Dog Tile! Meet Leo and Luna!

Leo (left) and Luna (right)

Leo and Luna are brother and sister 3 month old Shepherd-mix rescue puppies!

These two bundles of joy came from No Greater Love Animal Rescue and we couldn't be happier to have them around! We have no doubt in our minds that they'll fit right in here!

Leo and Luna meeting Ophie!
Testing the waters and becoming true "wet dogs"!

While we're all super excited to have two new team members joining us, Smokey is a little less thrilled...

We'll definitely have more updates on these two in the coming weeks!

Have a great week, everyone!


New Friends with Minor Flaws!

Hey, everyone!

As some of you may know, we have a section on our website, called the "Seconds" page, where you can purchase a selection of pieces that didn't quite hold up to our high standards and are being offered at a discounted price. These "Seconds", otherwise known as "Runners up for best in show" can be found by clicking the link underneath the slider on each of our "Friends" sections on our Collection pages. Some may be glazed in discontinued glazes, or have come out of the kiln with unexpected characteristics. Whatever the circumstances may be, these are unique and one-of-a-kind pieces that need loving homes!

Our Seconds are often changing so there are always new pieces available. This week we added some cool pieces to the Seconds page we thought you'd like to see! If there's a piece you like, head over to the Wet Dog Tile Seconds page and click on the image to see the details, closeup image, and price!

Below are just a few of the newer pieces added - check them out!

2" Baby Sea Turtles that misfired in the kiln, meaning the glazes didn't turn out how we expected!

Our 6" Flat Sea Turtle that is slightly warped, meaning it doesn't sit completely flat.

A good collection of various leaves! These leaves misfired in the kiln, meaning the glaze didn't turn out how we expected!

There are plenty more on our site so be sure to take a look! Remember - details, as well as pricing, are shown with the individual pieces once you click on their image on the Seconds page! Have a great week, everyone!


We Have A New Specialty Border!

Hi, everyone!

We're excited to show you something new and available now!

6" "Are We There Yet" border display board. For detailed design information click here.

We've created a new specialty border and added it to our Ocean Dog Collection!

The new "Are We There Yet?" border features our 5" Swimming Sea Turtle, 2" Baby Sea Turtles, and 3.5" Small Seahorse. This border is made to coordinate with our standard "Are We There Yet?" quickship mural!

18"x18" "Are We There Yet" quickship mural
Just like our other borders, it's a mesh-mounted linear design, combining our freeform glazed tiles, we call "Friends", along with a selection of textural mosaic elements. Our borders are laid out at random, to the lengths requested, then cut up into interlocking sections, so you won't see any seams or repeating patterns like with pre-made borders.

If you'd like more information, such as how to purchase, check out our website for more details!

Have a great week, everyone!


This Week at Wet Dog Tile

Hey, everyone!

We'd like to share what we've got going on here this week at Wet Dog Tile. While the weather has been warmer, we've had nothing but rain and overcast skies for the past couple weeks. We'd love to share photos of the lake, but for now, check out the works-in-progress currently on our work tables below!

We've also been progressing with the mouldings we previously talked about! We're so close!

More updates to follow! Have a great week, everyone!