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Snow Dog Collection: New Murals, Borders, & More!

 The Snow Dog Collection features 6 new murals, 7 new borders, and over 30 new Friends. Vintage skis, snowboards, snowshoes, snowflakes, tree branches, fox, owl, black bears, deer, and more can be found in the Snow Dog Collection. Below are a handful of the new murals and borders. Head on over to the website to see the rest for yourself!

"A Walk in the Snow" 18"x24" mural from the Snow Dog Collection. This mural features the brand new 13" Snowshoes as well the new Snowflakes

"Vintage Skis - Snowy" 6" border from the Snow Dog Collection. This border features our new Small Skis #1, 2, and 3

"Snowflakes - Blue" 6" border from the Snow Dog Collection. This border features the new Snowflakes and Celestite Ice Crystals

The Snow Dog Collection isn't the only change to our website; there are 14 new additions to our Textures and Minis Palettes!

Our new Ice Crystals combine handmade mosaics with crushed recycled glass, creating a shimmering, crystalline effect. There are nine different Ice Crystal colors to choose from!

Sea Stones are specialty stones that are tumbled to create irregular shapes and sizes, available in blue or green shades.

Snowdrops are a new blend of clear and frosted irregular shaped glass that are only available in the "Snowflake" colorway.

Flurries are new hand-cut and hand-pressed stoneware mosaics that add unique texture and character to any of our mesh-mounted borders or murals. These Flurries are shown in a blend of neutral white glazes but can also be glazed in a blend of blues or greens!

Head on over to the Wet Dog website to see the new Snow Dog Collection for yourself!

Have a great day, everyone!

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