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New Mosaic Textures, Minis, & More!

Hi, everyone!

We recently unveiled the brand new Snow Dog Collection, featuring 6 new murals, 7 new borders, and over 30 new glazed Friends available for purchase! We also revealed new mural and border designs in the updated Lake, Pond, & River Dog Collection.

But wait, there's more!

We've added brand new colored glass, natural stone, and glazed ceramic pieces in our Mosaic Textures and Mosaic Minis palettes!

Our new Snow Drops are a blend of clear and frosted irregular shaped glass that are only available in the Snowflake (white) color. While similar to the Snowflake Puddles from the Textures Palette, these have a more natural and organic shape that translates well in our handmade borders and murals.

Our new Ice Crystals come in nine different colors to choose from. We make these by combining handmade ceramic mosaics with crushed, recycled glass, creating a shimmering, crystalline effect. Photos do not do these justice; they are absolutely beautiful in person! We'll have our process for creating these in a later Wet Dog Blog post!

 Sea Stones, coming in either blue or green, are specialty stones we tumble in-house to create irregular shapes and sizes. Sea Stones are perfect for either blending in with the blue and green hues found in glass Puddles or glazed Friends, or standing out by adding a subtle pop of color!

We've added a new color option to our Skipping Stones; Quartz! Just like Sea Stones, our Skipping Stones are tumbled in-house to create irregular shapes and sizes, but in a much more natural and neutral tone. The Quartz Skipping Stones offer a nice blend of color while not being overbearing or taking away from the beauty of the rest of the border or mural they're included in!

Last, but certainly not least, are our brand new Flurries from the Minis palette! These Flurries are hand-cut and hand-pressed stoneware mosaics which add unique texture and character to any of our mesh-mounted borders or murals. These can be glazed in any of our available glazes! Flurries are pressed with various snowflake patterns and add wonderful texture in borders or murals.

The new Snow Drops, Ice Crystals, Sea Stones, Skipping Stones, and Flurries, can all be found in this beautiful installation photo of three custom murals featuring new Friends from the Snow Dog Collection! Our tile is extremely durable, high quality, made for indoor or outdoor use, wet or dry, and is slip resistant, so it's perfect for a bathroom installation like this!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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