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New Friends on our Seconds Page!

 Hi, everyone!

Our Seconds page contains a selection of pieces that didn't quite hold up to our high standards and are being offered at a discounted price! Some may be glazed in discontinued glazes or have come out of the kiln with unexpected characteristics. Whatever the circumstances may be, these are unique and one-of-a-kind pieces that need loving homes!

We update our Seconds page often with new Friends so we'd like to share a handful of the new additions!

This is our 11" XL Jellyfish from our Ocean Dog Big Guys Collection. This Jellyfish is glazed in Argos' Teal. Unfortunately, this piece cracked on the back during the glaze firing and no longer meets our high standards. With that being said, the piece is still incredibly strong and deserves a loving home! For more details and pricing visit our Seconds page.

This is our 11.5" Large Ray from the Ocean Dog Big Guys Collection. This Large Ray is glazed in the glaze shown on our website - Wolfhound. We've updated the Large Ray to be thicker and more suitable for floor installations, so this thinner version is no longer needed. For more details and pricing visit our Seconds page!

This is one of the few 13" Mermen added to the Seconds page. The Merman is a hand-painted piece from the Ocean Dog Collection. The piece shown in the photo above was used for testing various glazes shortly after the Merman was created. For more details and pricing visit our Seconds page!

In the Ocean Dog Collection there are three different types of flip flops to choose from. These are our 8" Large Flip Flops glazed in Waffles and Good Boy Blue. The Good Boy Blue glaze ran towards the knot of these flip flops so we're unable to use them but they would love to find their forever home! For details and pricing visit the Seconds page.

This is a collection of 3" Muddy Paws glazed in Benji Brown but didn't come out quite as expected. There are 16 Muddy Paws total and they would be perfect for a mud room or an outdoor walkway! For more details and pricing visit our Seconds page.

This is a small collection of various Mini Shells from the Wet Dog Minis palette. These shells are glazed in Ice Storm and the glaze reacted strangely in the kiln. Although they weren't used for the project they were intended for, they're patiently waiting for someone to scoop them up! For more details and pricing visit our Seconds page.

There are many more new additions to the Seconds page that you should go and take a look at! Leaves, Whales, Soap Dishes, Turtles, Fireflies, Bulk stone and glass, and much more! If you were ever considering ordering Friends from Wet Dog Tile then now is your chance to possibly get some at a discount!

Enjoy the rest of your week, everyone!

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