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This Week at Wet Dog Tile!

Hi, everyone!

Spring is finally here and it feels great! The snow is melting, the lake is thawing, and the air no longer hurts our faces when we walk outside.

We'd like to share a few photos of the fun projects we're working on this week. Our tables have been quite full so it's fun to see the different creations currently in the works.

This custom mural takes design elements from our Ocean Dog Collection pre-designed murals "As The Tide Goes Out" and "Are We There Yet?", creating a unique feel, and including additional "Friends" like the 6" Large Crab and the 6" Medium Seahorse.

Another shot of the custom nautical mural above. In this shot you can really see the different glass, called Puddles. We used a mix of Raindrop and Snowflake puddles for this mural. Another difference in design would be the addition of the Glacier Skipping Stones in the top left corner of the mural.

A different custom mural - this one featuring our newer Sea Otters from the Ocean Dog Collection! Between the moody blues from our Deep Ocean Puddles and the pops of color from the 3" Extra Small Starfish and 3" Small Crab, this mural will be sure to grab your attention in any room!

One of our newer additions to our Ocean Dog pre-designed borders, the "Are We There Yet?" border, meant to coordinate with the "Are We There Yet?" mural. On our website we show this border in a 6" width but here it's in a 4" width. As you can see, even our standard pre-designed borders and murals can be highly customizable!

This large custom mural is filling up our largest production table. As you can see in the concept drawing, this mural will have a free-form edge extending out of the shower and into the bathroom floor, as well as a 3D feel as it will wrap up the walls in the corner - super fun! This mural will feature our new flat starfish and shells - more on that soon!

Another shot of the large mural - can you tell what section this is if you look at the concept drawing above?

Ophelia is here making sure our artists are doing their job!

Have a great rest of your week, everyone! Enjoy the nice weather!

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