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A Special Installation Featuring Freshwater Fish!

Hi, everyone!

This week we'd like to share a recent project of ours. We received the installation photos from the customers and we are so excited to be able to share with you! This project features some new hand-painted Freshwater Fish and Fly Lures and was the inspiration in the creation of the new Fly Fisherman and Fly Fisherwoman w/ Braid pieces from the Lake Dog Collection! For concept drawings, installation photos, and details, read on!

When a customer comes to us with a vision it is our mission to bring their vision to life. For this project our customers wanted to portray their love for fly fishing! We're not fishing for compliments, but we think our artists did an amazing job!

Our various new Freshwater Fish "Friends" were hand-painted to look like real fish species, such as Rainbow, Cutthroat, River Trout, and more. Our artists studied various fishing lures and glazed them to match. We completed the scene with a variety of our glass, stone, and ceramic mosaics. This mural was framed using our handmade "Dachshund" pencil liners shown below!

In this concept drawing we used the same selection of hand-painted Freshwater Fish, Trout, Fluid Fish, and Fly Lures, all from the Lake Dog Collection. This wavy edged border wraps around the entirety of the master bathroom! It flows into the walk in shower, inside the shower niche, over the shower bench, and out through the other side to create a dynamic feel with lots of movement.

The tile installers took their time and hand-cut the field tile surrounding this wavy edged border to ensure a perfect fit.

Another bathroom border with the same feel! A mix of our hand-painted Freshwater Fish alongside our Medium and Small Flat Fish from the Lake Dog Collection. This border takes elements from our "School of Fish" standard 4" border from the Lake Dog Collection.

This border was framed using our handmade "Dachshund" pencil liners from our new Frames, Liners, & Rails Collection.

A fun addition to an otherwise overlooked area of the bathroom, we created this free form puddle to match the custom border along the walls! When designing for a floor it's important to make sure the pieces being used are free of any sharp edges. The Freshwater Fish and Medium Fluid Fish shown above were created with that thought in mind!

Another free form puddle area to draw your attention to the detail! Our tile is made from extremely durable stoneware clay and is suitable for all wet areas, indoors and outdoors!

 This project was a lot of fun for us as it was a step away from our ever so popular ocean-themed projects! With their attention to detail, our artists really made these rooms come to life!

Feel free to check out the new Freshwater Fish, Fly Lures, Fly Fisherman, Fly Fisherwoman, and more from the Lake Dog Collection! These photos and more are available for viewing on our Photos & Ideas page!

Thanks for reading - have a great week!

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