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Big Guys Update!

Hey, everyone!

In late 2016 we announced our new "Big Guys" collection which included a selection of our decorative free-form tiles, we call "Friends". These pieces artfully depicted whimsical sea creatures, just like our "standard" Friends, but in a larger scale for use in more prodigious spaces!

Since the release of these Big Guys we've been including these larger format pieces in numerous custom borders and murals. Below are a couple examples using our XL Jellyfish, XL Seahorse, and Tropical Fish!


We are now happy to introduce our new Big Mosaic Textures! Currently only for the Ocean Dog Collection, these are a selection of our "standard" mosaic textures but made to a larger scale to feel balanced in bigger spaces! See below for our new offerings and stay tuned for more installation photos coming soon!

This is our large Kelp / Grass. These pieces are hand-cut to various sizes from 5" to 7". These pieces can be glazed in any of our glaze colors!

These are our "Rounds" and "Drops". These are all handmade pieces ranging from 2" to 3" and can be glazed in any of our glaze colors!

Our large "Puddles" range from 2" to 4" and come in multiple sizes in both clear and frosted finishes.

Our "Pebbles" are natural stones collected from beaches and rivers. These pieces vary from 2" to 4".

Last but not least, these are our "Skipping Stones". These are tumbled natural stones in irregular shapes and sizes up to 5".

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