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This Week at Wet Dog Tile!

 Hi, everyone!

We've been very busy the last couple weeks here at Wet Dog Tile! Check out some of the projects we've been working on...


This piece is part of a larger mural that we're creating. This custom mural features Friends from the Ocean Dog Collection, such as our 6" Large Crab, 6" Flat Sea Turtle, 7" Large Dolphin, 5" Small Dolphins, 6" Medium Seahorse, and more!

Another panel of the large custom mural, this one featuring our 12" Lobster, 5" Medium Sea Lion, 4" Small Sea Lion, 3.5" Small Sea Turtles, and more!

A long shot of the same mural, this photo featuring our 13" Octopus, 8" Horseshoe Crab, 6.5" Algae #1, and more.

A different custom mural, this one based on our "As The Tide Goes Out" standard mural but using the Textures, Minis, and glaze colors used in our "Ocho and His Lady" standard mural!
Last but not least, this custom arch-top mural featuring our 6" Flat Sea Turtle, 5" Swimming Sea Turtle, 5" Small Jellyfish, 5" Shell w/ Coral, and more.
We love sharing what goes on behind the scenes so we hope you enjoy it as well! Stay healthy, stay happy, and have a great rest of your week!


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