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A 'Quick' Update!

Hey, everyone!

Hope you are all safe and well and hopefully enjoying more time with your families! 

As we are coming out of our busy spring season and into the summer months, we are starting to boost our inventory and continuing to bring our new Snow Dog Collection to life (more on this in the near future). Today we want to tell you about a new design which will be included in our Quick Ship options!

This mosaic, designed to be installed in the corner of a shower or bathroom floor is a highly-requested derivative of our "Are We There Yet?" mural from the Ocean Dog Collection! Since it's so popular we've decided to add it to the Ocean Dog Collection as a Quick Ship option!

This mesh-mounted corner design is laid out with irregular edges, made to approximately 14"-16" wide. It features a 6" Large Flat Sea Turtle, 2" Baby Sea Turtle, and misc. Shells, all mixed into our glass Puddles, with trails of glazed Rounds for added texture and detail. Also shown in the photo are five loose individual 2" Baby Sea Turtles we often ship with this design to be installed into the customer-supplied floor on site to create the look of movement. While we can also create a full shower floor mural for a more impactful design, this corner piece is a great way to add a fun, but more subtle, detail to any space.

We've created many variations of this design, usually with Turtles, but this design can also work just as well with other "Friends" like our Small Crab.

We'll have this new Quick Ship corner design stocked and ready to go at a moments notice! We're here for all your tile needs and are still able to meet our lead-time promises!

Visit our website to see what's new or feel free to reach us via phone or email with any questions and/or comments!

phone: 603-835-8099

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