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Wet Dog Tile and COVID-19, We are open!

There are times we have all confronted throughout our lives, times that we will later look back and reflect on how truly surreal they felt. Well, friends, this is one of them; drafting an update to you, our incredible followers, clients, and friends, about how we are working through this unprecedented time.

Business brass tacks first. We are open! Although we were sad to see our beloved college interns packing up a month early, we still have great inventory levels thanks to a robust winter season of hard work. We are happy to report we can meet most demanding timelines, often exceeding typical lead times!

With that said, until further notice, we are currently holding orders for 24 hours prior to shipping. Although there is limited possibility for transmission through packaging, we feel we should err on the side of caution like the rest of the world.

We are in somewhat of a unique situation, in that all of our full time staff live on the “Wet Dog” property. We have two families in two separate private residences, as well as our design/production studios all within a few minute walk of each other. Yup, good ole’ fashion commune situation here folks. With the exception of our kids home from school for the next three weeks, this self-quarantine is just another day here at Wet Dog Tile!

We have tailored our business model over the years, cultivating our website and services, to allow for purchasing without leaving your home. We send samples directly to you, emailing drawings and mock-ups, along with most correspondence; and if you want a nice chat, feel free to call anytime, we will be here. So if you have been thinking about starting your spring/summer/fall projects, now is the perfect time!

Lastly, we want to just say that there are two ways you can choose to look at what we are facing; either with fear, emotional distress and panic, or rather as an opportunity to focus on the beauty of humanity at its best. By recognizing the good of what so many are doing, and how we can help in our own ways, we will come away from this with a stronger sense of togetherness as a nation, and positivity toward our fellow human beings.

Be well, be kind.

Our deepest appreciation,

The staff of the Wet Dog Tile co.

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