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Significant Otter - an 18"x18" Standard Mural by Wet Dog Tile!

Whether you're looking for the perfect tile for your beach house or just love starfish, shells, and mermaids, we have worked hard to have a fun and whimsical tile collection that expresses our deep love for the beach and all things nautical!

Our Ocean Dog Collection has been a fan favorite since the very beginning. Most of our best-selling borders, murals, and individual Friends come from the Ocean Dog Collection!

Today we'd like to shine the light on one of the more recent additions to the Ocean Dog Collection, our "Significant Otter" mural.

This is our standard 18"x18" Significant Otter mural. We create this using a medley of glass, natural stone, and glazed ceramic pieces (full detail list below)!
These are a handful of the Friends we use in the Significant Otter mural! From left to right: 5" Urchin Eater Sea Otter, 4" Floater Sea Otter, 5" Mom & Baby Sea Otter, and our 3" Small Crab. All of these pieces are glazed by hand and can be glazed in any of our high quality, lead free, non-toxic artisan glazes!
Not only do we have the Significant Otter mural but we have a border design to match! This is our Significant Otter 6" border, also part of the Ocean Dog Collection. Coordinating mural and border designs is something often do here at Wet Dog Tile!
Here's a detailed list of what goes into the standard Significant Otter mural design!

Interested in our Significant Otter design? Check out our How To Purchase page for more information! Interested in seeing what else we have to offer? Our Ocean, Pond, and Lake Dog Collection pages have plenty of border and mural designs as well as individual Friends available for purchase!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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