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Ocho and His Lady - an 18"x18" Standard Mural by Wet Dog Tile!

Hey everyone!

Today we're going to take a look at one of our most popular standard designs, the "Ocho and His Lady" mural from the Ocean Dog Collection!

This mural features glazed Friends such as the 13" Octopus, 6" Mermaid, and 3" Small Crab, as well as the mosaic textures and glazed minis you can find in the photo below.

While the standard design is our most popular, we're often customizing this design based on the customer's unique space! For instance, this week at the studio we're working on two "Ocho and His Lady" murals that have a few changes to them! 

In this one below we changed the layout completely!

We changed the orientation of the water stream, the Octopus' placement, replaced the 6" Mermaid with our 10" Diving Mermaid w/ Braid, and replaced the 3" Small Crab with the 3.5" Small Seahorse.

Or sometimes it's as simple as changing a few glaze colors...

Ocho and His Lady in the standard 18"x18" size, standard layout and Friends, but different glaze colors make this pop!

Or maybe we're changing the size of the mural to better fit the space!

This mural is 21H"x42W" and is closely based on the Ocho and His Lady standard design. With more space we're able to add more friends, such as the 3.5 Small Sea Turtle, 6" Large Crab, 4" Scallop Shell, and more!

This mural ends up being a great focal point in this beautiful kitchen. Between the pendant lighting and the custom backsplash mural, this kitchen is truly one of a kind!

Customization is easy here at Wet Dog! Feel free to check out our Ocean Dog Collection, Pond Dog Collection, and Lake Dog Collection to view the standard designs we have available! Looking for ideas and inspiration for a project? Check out the Photos & Ideas page!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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