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The Dogs of Wet Dog Tile!

Hey everyone!

As you can probably tell by our name, our love for dogs is strong. A portion of all Wet Dog Tile sales is donated to local and national dog rescue organizations! We love sharing photos of our furry four-legged coworkers - there's never a dull moment in the studio with all of them around!

Ophie, Luna, Sly, and Leo reporting for duty!

What may not be as obvious is that we actually have a few different dog Friends available to be placed in murals, borders, or for individual sale! While our Ocean Dog Collection is our most popular collection, the Pond Dog and Lake Dog collections are not far behind and they all have these various dog Friends! All of our pieces are made and glazed by hand and these dogs are no exception! Carefully crafted with care and love, these can be glazed in any of our artisan glazes and go great in murals, borders, or on their own!

5" Swimming Dog w/ Ball from the Ocean Dog Collection. Dog glazed in "Leather Leash" and ball in "Ruff Red".

4.5" Jumping Dog (Papa) from the Pond Dog Collection, glazed in "Peanut Butter".

3" Jumping Dog (Pup) from the Pond Dog Collection, glazed in "Peanut Butter".

5" Swimming Dog w/ Stick from the Lake Dog Collection. Dog glazed in "Leather Leash", the stick is "Spiked Collar".

3" Muddy Paw from the Pond Dog Collection glazed in "Buck's Brown"

This is our "Those Summer Days" standard mural design from the Pond Dog Collection. This mural features the 4.5" Jumping Dog (Papa), as well as the 5" Dock, 5" Canoe, 6" Medium Oar #3, and more!

Our 3" Muddy Paws installed in a mudroom entryway! Our ceramic 3" Muddy Paws, glazed in "Scooby Snacks" surrounded by natural tumbled limestone!

From top to bottom: 5" Swimming Dog w/ Ball (Ocean), 4.5" Jumping Dog Papa (Pond), 3" Jumping Dog Pup (Pond), 5" Swimming Dog w/ Stick (Lake).

See something you're interested in? Head on over to the Lake Dog Collection or Pond Dog Collection for more information. Want to purchase? Visit our How to Purchase page!

Have a great day!

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