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New Installation Photos!

Hey, everyone! It's that time of year again!

The Photos & Ideas page on the Wet Dog Tile website has hundreds of photos of installations in a wide variety of spaces! You'll find kitchen installations, bathroom installations, and a bunch of other fun areas such as fireplaces, pools, and outdoor showers to name a few!

Today on the Wet Dog Blog we'd like to share some new installation photos with you. While there will be a few new ones to see here, the real gold mine will be over on the Photos & Ideas page, so be sure to check that out!

 Alright, enough barking - onto the photos!
A large nautical kitchen backsplash spanning the entire length of the countertop! This custom mural features Friends such as the 11" Whale, 5" Sea Otters, and various sized Sea Lions just to name a few! Our four-legged friend seems to be happy with the new mural!

This was a fun one to make. This shower floor flows up onto the shower walls and out towards the rest of the bathroom. We used low profile Friends such as the 8" Large Flip Flops, 8" Large Flat Starfish, and 4" Flat Nautilus Shell for the high-traffic areas of the shower floor to keep it comfortable for the feet!

A really fun kitchen backsplash mural with some new (and custom) pieces from The Lake Dog Collection! This mural is also framed in our new Hound moldings from the Frames, Liners, & Rails Collection!

Here is a bright custom mural taking inspiration from our standard "Ocho and His Lady" mural by using the 13" Octopus in the upper left corner. Some other notable Friends in this mural are the 2" Baby Sea Turtles, 6" Large Flat Sea Turtle, and 3" Large Sand Dollar.

Last but certainly not least is this custom outdoor mural standing 6' tall! This mural features our 4" and 5" Sea Otters, 3.5" Small Sea Turtles, 5" Medium Flat Sea Turtle, 11" Large Heron, 5" and 7" Manatees, and many more. This mural was a blast to create and we really love how it looks!

  We hope you enjoy these new installation photos as much as we do! Remember, there are hundreds more to look at over on the Photos & Ideas page!

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