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Creating Our "In The Moonlight" Mural

Today we're going to be taking a look at a mural we've been working on this week. Some of you may recognize it - it's a variation of our "In The Moonlight" mural from the Pond Dog Collection.

The customer wanted a few things changed such as adding an otter, cattail, and oysters, and removing the lily pads shown in the standard mural below. Something important is missing...

The customer's mural is currently missing the black slate surrounding the heron and glass - but we're working on that! Since everything we create is laid out by hand there is always a touch of variation, so whenever we create the "In The Moonlight" mural we have to custom-cut slate for each mural individually.

We begin by tracing the shape of the pieces we need to surround. To make this look the best it can it needs to have a thin grout joint - in order to do that we need to trace the curves of each piece of glass to give it a snug fit.

With the outline traced onto the slate we take it outside and use a specialty wet saw that we use to cut the curved shape.

Now that the slate fits snug around the glass and Flying Heron we're able to glue, cut, package, and ship this mural!

Below is an installation photo of another variation of the "In The Moonlight" mural we've done. Even though we offer it as a 'standard' design, just like the rest of the standard designs we offer, it's very easy to customize and make it your own!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Spot on with this one, guys. It's beautiful!

  2. So beautiful! What a lot of work, and such a wonderful result! Love you!