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We've Been Quiet, Here's Why...

Hello, everyone! We're very excited to post our first post of 2017. We've been very quiet for the last couple weeks and we're very sorry about that, but we have a reason for the silence...

In the early morning of Saturday, December 17th our studio/production facility caught fire. 

Luckily enough the fire departments responded so quickly that once the fire was put out we were able to get out the irreplaceable items - our handmade molds. We were able to save about 90% of our molds, as well as our production tables and a good portion of our materials. Unfortunately we were unable to save the building, but no one was hurt and that's most important. We are very thankful for that.

We are also thankful for everyone who helped that morning including the local fire departments, neighbors, friends, and family... not to mention those who have since helped us get back up on our paws and continue doing what we love to do!

We are temporarily working out of a nearby building while our new workshop is being built! All of our molds have been cleaned and we've begun pounding new pieces as of last week. While we lost most of our glass and stone inventory, we were able to salvage some and those have been cleaned as well. We're putting bisque and glaze firings in our new kiln later on this week and borders and murals should be in production again next week!

Our molds look a little more rustic now! The clay has been pressed and now we wait until the pieces are ready to come out.
New pieces are out of the molds, drying, and waiting to go in the new kiln!

Even our sign was saved from the side of the old shop!

All of us here at Wet Dog can not thank everyone enough... from the fire departments, to the family and friends, to our understanding customers - thank you!

Here's to a fresh start to the new year - let's make 2017 great!


  1. Amazing how you've all bounced back and are landing on your PAWS! Congratulations it getting things back together! It really does take a village sometimes!

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