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Photo Of The Day!

These days it's getting darker much earlier, and the time to work outside is getting shorter and shorter! With snow on it's way, we're stocking up on the things we need, that way when the snow hits, we don't have to go outside nearly as much to find what we're looking for. So, today we had a busy day full of both work and play.  

We've been tumbling an extremely large amount of stones outdoors - so much that we don't have room for anymore in our shop! We've also been stacking some wood indoors to make it less of a hassle for the first snowstorm, but that's not as important. Along with outside work we've been doing a bunch inside as well; building our murals and borders, gluing, glazing, grouting, making new pieces, and trying to find room for everything! 

Now, because this is a 'Photo Of The Day' post, and we haven't really been doing anything interesting lately, here's a photo having nothing to do with what's written in this post!

Here's the Wet Dog dog himself, Moe, laying down with his legs out, looking like a man sitting at a bar. 

Moe looking like a person

Do you see it? Maybe this will help...

Moe terribly photoshopped at a bar with a drink

Have a great rest of the week, everyone!

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