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Sea Turtles - A Fun New Mural from Wet Dog Tile!

 Hi, everyone!

We've added a new pre-designed mural to our Ocean Dog Collection! Better yet, it's part of our Quick Ship program, meaning that it's available to ship within 3-5 days instead of our typical 2-3 week lead time on pre-designed murals!

"Sea Turtles" Corner Design shown in 16"x16"

This mural features a 6" Large Flat Sea Turtle and our 2" Baby Sea Turtles. This is designed to be installed in a corner and installed within on-site field tile. The "Sea Turtles" Corner Design coordinates perfectly with our "Are We There Yet?" standard mural and border. While this is a new design and we have yet to receive installation photos of it, we'd love to share similar projects to give an example!

This custom corner design features the same 6" Large Flat Sea Turtle and 2" Baby Sea Turtles with a few more Friends! 8" Large Sea Turtle, 6" Large Crabs, 6" Medium Starfish, and many more! This scaled concept drawing matches with the dry-lay photo below.

This dry-lay photo matches with the scaled concept drawing above. This custom mosaic mural will be going on a shower floor and will be inlaid with surrounding field tile. With foot traffic in mind we designed this to have flat Friends closer to the standing area. Our tile is made with extremely durable stoneware clay and is suitable for all wet areas both indoors and outdoors!

Here is another custom corner design with custom wall panels to match. This features our 13" Octopus, 6" Mermaid, and 6" Medium Seahorse.

This custom corner mural may be closest to our new "Sea Turtles" corner design. It features all the same Friends in the same layout however, aside from different glaze colors, this design includes Pebbles and Skipping Stones from the Mosaic Textures palette.

 We're very excited to receive installation photos showing off our new "Sea Turtles" corner design!

Thanks for reading, everyone! Have a great rest of your week!

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