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Wet Dog Minis - Kelp!

Hi, everyone!

We offer a selection of hand-cut and hand-pressed stoneware mosaics which add unique texture and character to any of our mesh-mounted borders or murals, called Wet Dog Minis. These can be glazed in any of our available glazes!

Today we'd like to shine our spotlight on one of the unsung heroes in the Wet Dog Minis: Kelp!


We start by rolling a slab of clay with our Kelp, Fern, and Grass texture imprinted on it. From there we carefully carve out as many pieces as we can from that slab! Once the pieces are carved they can be handled and formed into different shapes.

This is a classic style we form our Kelp in. Because each piece is formed by hand, no two pieces will ever be the same! Once it reaches this stage it's left out to air dry before going into the kiln!

Here is a whole tray of air-dried Kelp ready to be prepped for the kiln. Each piece gets a final inspection before placed on trays piece by piece and loaded into the kiln!

Once the Kelp comes out of the kiln it's put in a bin and waits patiently until it's glazed for an order! Kelp, along with all of our Wet Dog Minis, can be glazed in any of our artisan glaze colors.

Here is a look at some of our Kelp in our Reef glaze!

 Believe it or not, we add Kelp to nearly every project we do. In fact, it'd be harder to find an installation photo that doesn't feature kelp rather than a photo that does!

Have a great rest of your week, everyone!

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