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Deep Diving on a Nautical Bathroom Floor Design!

Hi, everyone!

Today on the Wet Dog Blog we'd like to share a project we had the pleasure of creating for a new home in Annapolis, Maryland, which we recently received finished installation photos for. We were asked to create a custom bathroom floor design that stretched from wall to wall, connecting a freestanding bathtub to a walk-in shower. We're hoping to receive more installation photos of this space in the future but for now we were too excited about it not to share!

 With the measurements of the space provided, our artists went to work and created a detailed concept drawing with the suggested layout shown to scale. These drawings are common when we're creating custom designs as it helps to visualize what the artists have in mind. Once the concept drawing is approved we cut mesh to size and begin laying out each and every piece individually!

Once the design has been laid out we send a "dry-lay" photo to the client for approval. This particular dry-lay photo was superimposed onto the provided architectural floor plans to make envisioning the whole space easier. As you can see, we expanded the "water" area inside the shower a bit compared to the original per the client's request. Once the final dry-lay photo is approved our artists begin gluing each piece individually to the mesh backing. When the glue is completely dry the artists then number and cut the design up into interlocking sections for ease of shipping and installation. The design is then carefully packaged, shipped, and arrives at its' forever home in a number of days!

 We are so happy with how this design came out! This modern bathroom features dark neutral tones and allows the mosaic floor to really pop. Our medley of Mist and Raindrop puddles, Bluff skipping stones, Cobble, Ore, and Boulder Beige pebbles, and a selection of various "Friends" from our Ocean Dog Collection contrast very nicely next to the darker grey porcelain tile surrounding it.

The walk-in shower floor is angled toward the wall where a tileable linear drain sits, so it almost disappears into the design. Our tile is perfect for wet applications like this because not only is it extremely durable but it's also provides great slip resistance! We offer plenty of flatter "Friends" to go along with more dimensional options so we are able to plan the layout based on traffic patterns, creating a design that is comfortable to walk on without sacrificing detail.

A few Friends, including some new flat Starfish and Shells, are used in this design and have yet to be announced on our website, so this is a nice little sneak peek (more to come soon)! We couldn't be happier with this project - it was so fun for us to create and it's so rewarding seeing the final product after it's installed!

We love doing deep dives on special projects like this. Is this something you'd like to see more of? Let us know! 
Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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