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Behind the "Behind The Scenes" at Wet Dog!

 Hi, everyone!

Every now and then we share what we've got going on during the week. It could be a few photos of the custom borders and murals we're working on, a look at our Friends to see new additions, or just a cute dog photo! Whatever the case may be, there is always stuff going on behind the scenes of our "Behind the Scenes" posts!

In many posts, and more-so on Houzz, we show the dry-lay photos of custom borders or murals! Have you ever wondered how we get those photos? We use a camera, sure, but there's more to it than just that! We have to fight with the sun for the right lighting, if it's overcast we have to set up the studio lights just right, and worst of all, we have to take these photos in some awkward positions!

We're always happy to share the process of making our Friends and showing off new additions to the Ocean, Lake, and Pond Dog Collections! What we don't always show is the mistakes that happen along the way. Wet clay is an extremely fragile and unforgiving medium and we've got plenty of pieces to show for it. Many Friends on our Seconds page feature small mistakes that can be looked past but we've got an area in our shop dedicated to taking the bigger mistakes and recycling the clay to be made into something new.

This bad boy is our vacuum-powered deairing mixing pugmill. This machine (currently in use, don't mind the mess) takes our old clay and makes it new again. From water, powder, and anything in between, this machine mixes it together and gives us fresh clay to use again!
These are our mistake buckets. Filled to the brim and staring us in the face. Some of these buckets contain bone dry pieces while others contain wet, sloppy clay, also called "slip". We add both into our pugmill and watch our mistakes disappear as if they never happened at all!

Lastly, an addition to our regular posts is photos of the dogs! We have four dogs that are in the shop daily and we're sure you've met them by now. Doggy photo-shoots are a regular occurrence here at Wet Dog but the amount of patience needed to get the right photo is astronomical.

In this photo you can see our secret to getting the "perfect" shot - dog treats!

What else would you like to see from us? Let us know! Have a great rest of your week!


  1. Have you ever done a design for a dog bath? I'm talking about those awesome rinse off stations for pets that some people have in their mud rooms.

    1. Hi Jenny! We absolutely have done a dog bath! Our tile is stain and water resistant so a dog bath is a perfect application! Our 3" Muddy Paws from the Pond Dog Collection work really well in a dog bath design, as well as adding some dog bones that we normally use as glaze sample swatches! Plenty of fun design options for our furry four-legged friends. Thanks for checking out the blog, we appreciate it!