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This Week at Wet Dog Tile!

 Hi everyone! Happy New Year!

Here's to a better, safer, and happier year ahead.

As we get back into the swing of things after our howliday break we thought we'd share a couple orders we're working on this week!

This is a mural based on our standard 18'x18" "Those Summer Days" mural from the Pond Dog Collection. With different dimensions but the same basic layout, this mural has been customized to be exactly what our customer wants. A few additions to note: 1" Ducklings, various fish, leaves, and pine cones, all from the Lake Dog Collection.

This is our standard 18"x18" "Those Summer Days" mural grouted and all. This mural features the 5" Canoe, 4.5" Jumping Dog (Papa), various Oars and more, all from the Pond Dog Collection.
This is a cool border we're having a lot of fun with! This border features our 3" and 4.5" Jumping Dogs, 3" Muddy Paws, and even our Dog Bones that are normally used as glaze color sample swatches! This border will be installed in a dog washing area and is the perfect border for any dog lover!

Ophie and Sly both agree that the dog bone border is nice, but it would be a little nicer if it were edible...

Have a great rest of the week, everyone!

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