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New Installation Photos!

Hey, everyone!

We've recently updated our website's Photos and Ideas page with new installation photos! These are always a fan-favorite and something we enjoy as well because we're able to see our creations installed in their 'forever homes'!

Below we've handpicked a few new installation photos to go into more detail on. To see all of the new installation photos be sure to check our our Photos and Ideas page! Enjoy!

This is a custom nautical mural with matching border that wraps around this large walk-in shower. We created this mural and border combination with neutral colors in mind to not take away the beauty of the natural space! A few notable friends include the 13" Octopus, 7" Medium Jellyfish, 6.5" Algae #1 and #2, 6" Large Crab, and many more.

With most, if not all, of the custom work we do, our artists create a scaled concept drawing detailing Friends, glaze colors, placement, and more. These concept drawings not only visually help our customer with what to expect, but also aid our artists in creating the borders or murals! Along the way things may get moved, swapped, or changed, such as the Tentacles shown in the concept drawing, but the basic design stays intact.

Here is a wide shot of the full installation. We'd like to mention the custom mural is framed using our handmade "Hound" chair rails glazed in Woof White! Feel free to visit our Photos & Ideas page for more photos of this project, including a close look at the mural in detail!

Another custom mural and border combination, this one a little more tropical than the last! This mural features Friends from our Big Guys section, such as the 12" Tropical Fish #2 and the 7" Tropical Fish #5. This mural is framed using our handmade Labrador interlocking rope liner and Hound chair rail from our Frames, Liners, & Rails page.

Last but not least, we'd like to showcase this custom kitchen backsplash mural. Simple and elegant, this mural features a few of our classic Friends from the Ocean Dog Collection, such as the 5" Swimming Sea Turtle, 3.5" Small Seahorse, 3" Small Crab, and more. This mural also features a couple Friends from the Pond Dog Collection, such as the 4.5" Jumping Dog (Papa) and the 3" Blackbirds!

As you can see, the artists stayed true to the concept drawing during layout!

Want to see more installation photos? You're in luck! We've added a bunch of new installation photos on our website's Photos and Ideas page. Whether you're admiring, brainstorming, or looking for inspiration, our Photos and Ideas page has hundreds of installation photos to browse!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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