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Wet Dog Tile's Dog of the Week!

 Hi, everyone!

Every now and then we like to turn our attention to our favorite furry friends. In this week's Wet Dog Blog post we want to shout out Phelan, who has recently taken the crown as America's Fastest Dog.

Phelan, a greyhound, borzoi, and Scottish deerhound mix breed, is a 4 year old rescue dog who just recently won the American Kennel Club's inaugural Fastest Dog USA competition


Phelan, AKC's winner of the Fastest Dog USA competition. Photo by Mark L. Baer/MLBaer Photography

Over 100 dogs competed in the event this year, and Phelan came out on top, completing a 100-yard dash in 6.346 seconds - or 32.3 miles per hour! For reference, Usain Bolt's fastest time has been clocked at 27.44 miles per hour.


Phelan doing what she does best! Photo by Mark L. Baer/MLBaer Photography

We would also like to honorably mention Buster, the Pekingese. Although he was the slowest dog in the entire event, he is now the fastest Pekingese in the nation! 


Buster, the nation's fastest Pekingese. Photo by Mark L. Baer/MLBaer Photography

With that said, Buster, coming in dead last, didn't go home empty-pawed - he was awarded the "Turtle Award" for being the slowest dog with the biggest heart.

Have a great rest of your week, everyone!

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