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New Installation Photos!

Hey, everybody!

It's that time again - new installation photos!

One of our favorite things here at Wet Dog Tile, aside from creating our borders and murals, is receiving photos of our borders and murals in their new homes! We like to update our blog and Photos & Ideas page regularly with new additions so today we'd like to share a handful with you!

This custom kitchen backsplash features our 13" Octopus, 10" Swimming Mermaid w/ Shell, 10" Diving Mermaid w/ Braid, 6" Large Crab, and more!

This is our "Kinda Crabby" design from the Ocean Dog Collection but the measurements were changed to fit the space! This mural features our 8" Horseshoe Crab, 6" Flat Crab, 4" Small Starfish, 7" Eel Grass, and more! As you may know, our tile is rated for a number of applications - wet areas being one of them!

Another nautical kitchen backsplash, this one a take on our standard "As The Tide Goes Out" design from the Ocean Dog Collection, featuring our 7" Large Starfish, 6" Medium Starfish, 4" Scallop Shell, 3" Large Sand Dollar, and much more! Because we create these borders and murals specifically for your space we're able to work around things like outlets or potfillers!

Last but certainly not least, this is another "Kinda Crabby" design, this time our original standard 18"x18" size. This features the same Friends as the one shown above, but this one is special because it's framed in our new "Labrador" rope liner from the Frames, Liners, & Rails Collection! Our moldings are a perfect addition to our murals and a great nautical accent that are all handmade and can be glazed in any of our artisan glazes!

Need to get your paws on more installation photos? Feel free to view our Photos & Ideas page for ideas and inspiration, showing installations in a wide variety of spaces, including floors, walls, wet and high heat applications!

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