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New Installation Photos Featuring our New Friends!

Hey, everyone! 

This week's post is exciting for us because we get to show off a few of our new Friends in some new installation photos! These photos come from a recent order installed in New England where we were lucky enough to use a handful of our new additions to the Ocean Dog Collection, such as the Kraken Tentacles, Merman, and a bunch more! 

Check out the photos and details below!

This eclectic kitchen features wooden countertops, a handmade butcher block island, industrial piped open shelving, a custom octopus-shaped chandelier with pendant lighting, and a handmade mosaic backsplash wrapping around the entire kitchen! We created the backsplash using our combination of stone, glass, and ceramic decorative pieces such as tentacles, turtles, mermaids, fish, shells, and much more!

This installation is special to us because it features a bunch of our Friends, new and old, as well as our new moldings offered in the Frames, Liners, & Rails Collection!

Not only did we use new Friends but we used plenty of our old ones, such as the 10" Diving Mermaid w/ Braid, 8" Large Jellyfish, 7" Medium Jellyfish, 5" Sea Otters, and more.

We used a mix of moldings from the Frames, Liners, & Rails collection to tie everything together! In this photo you can see the "Bernese" with the top edge flipped and used as a base. We're also using the "Dachshund" pencil liners and "Hound" chair rail molding throughout!

Up close and personal with the "Urchin Eater" Sea Otter, "Floater" Sea Otter, and a couple new Kraken Tentacles! This is also the perfect shot to show the intricate measurements we're able to frame using our handmade moldings.

A beauty shot of our new 13" Merman, based on the Greek God Poseidon, swimming with a few more Sea Otters, various Jellyfish, our 3" XS Fluid Fish from the Lake Dog Collection, and more!

We're very happy with how this turned out and so is the customer! Think you've got room for Wet Dog in your home? Head on over to our website for more photos, information, and ideas!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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