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Mermaids are Real at Wet Dog Tile!

Mermaids - the half-human, half-fish sirens of the sea - are legendary sea creatures chronicled in maritime cultures since time immemorial. Magical female figures first appeared in cave paintings in the late Stone Age some 30,000 years ago and, over time, evolved into what we know as Mermaids today!

Are mermaids real? That's for you to decide... but here at Wet Dog Tile we have a collection of mermaids (and Merman) that may sway your decision!

Our original 6" Mermaid glazed in Otis' Oatmeal, Cat Food, Lexy Lou, and Take Me On A Walk. This handmade piece can be hand glazed in a medley of any of our artisan glaze colors!

In this custom kitchen backsplash mural you can see our 6" Mermaid along with our 8" Horseshoe Crab, 4" Baby Horseshoe Crab, 3" Small Crab, 3" Extra Small Jellyfish, and more!
Another design featuring our 6" Mermaids, this one a bit smaller, "Midsummer Swim". This goes to show we can really customize the glaze colors to make these pieces exactly what you want!

Our 10" Diving Mermaid w/ Braid glazed in Otis' Oatmeal, Big Moe Brown, Woof White, and Cerberus Blue.

The 10" Swimming Mermaid w/ Shell glazed in Big Moe Brown, Otis' Oatmeal, Ice Storm, and Frisbee.

Here's a great custom shower mural we did that features all 3 of our Mermaids!  It also features other Friends such as the 6" Large Flat Sea Turtle, 7" Large Dolphin, 5" Small Dolphins, 7" Large Starfish, 6" Medium Seahorse, and much more!

Our newest addition, the 13" Merman glazed in Cat Food, Chocolate Lab, Otis' Oatmeal, and Argos Teal. He, like all the rest, can be glazed in any of our high quality, lead free, non-toxic, artisan glaze colors.

In this install photo you can see the 13" Merman among his other sea critter Friends such as the 5" Otters, 3.5" Small Sea Turtle, 8" Large Jellyfish, 7" Medium Jellyfish, 4.5" Baby Lobster, 12" Kraken Tentacle #1, 9" Kraken Tentacle #2, and more!

Whether you believe or not, our collection of handcrafted mermaids are extremely popular pieces in our Ocean Dog Collection and are featured in plenty of installation photos over on our Photos & Ideas page!
Think you'd like some mermaids of your own? Check out our Purchase page for information on how to get your paws on them!

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