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New Friends!

Hey, everyone!

In last week's Wet Dog Blog post we showed how easy it is to create layouts using our predesigned borders and murals as inspiration! In the same post we also showed a sneak peak of some new "Friends" we've created, specifically the 5" Medium Flat Sea Turtle and the 3" Small Flat Sea Turtle.

Well, this week we have some exciting news...

We have a bunch of new Friends now available! Over 20 new Friends have been added to the Ocean Dog and Lake Dog Collections! Check out some of the new Friends below and view the rest on our website!

These are our new "Kraken Tentacles", part of the Ocean Dog Collection. These are glazed in "Reef" but can be glazed in any of our available glaze colors! We're excited about these new pieces to add a cool new texture and detail to our designs.

The new 5" Medium Flat Sea Turtle, part of the Ocean Dog Collection.  Along with our 6" Large Flat Sea Turtle and 3" Small Flat Sea Turtle, this piece provides additional versatility to floor installations and other applications where less dimension is desired. It is shown glazed in "Blue Merle" with a "Reef" shell!

This is one of our new 7.5" Freshwater Fish from the Lake Dog Collection! With 4 Freshwater Fish in total there's endless possibilities! These can be glazed in a single glaze color or hand-painted in colors and patterns of your favorite species (shown above to represent a Rainbow Trout)!

This is our new 13" Merman from the Ocean Dog Collection.  Based on the Greek God, Poseidon, this piece would do great in a nautical setting! 

There are plenty more new Friends to see on our website, so go take a look!

Have a great rest of your week, everyone!

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