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How Easy it is to Create One of a Kind Designs!

Hey, everyone!

In addition to a selection of pre-designed borders and murals, we most often are making custom-sized orders so that they'll fit perfectly in the space they're designed for! Believe it or not, it's quite easy to choose one of our existing designs and change the length, width, or shape! Check out some examples below!

This is the first section of a custom borer we're currently working on, which is based on one of our new Specialty Borders  called "Are We There Yet?" from our Ocean Dog Collection (shown below). This border is 12" wide and will wrap around three walls for a total of a little over 10' in length once complete! We used all the elements from the original, plus additional elements to balance the composition. These include some brand new "Friends", our 3" and 5" Flat Sea Turtles, which add some great movement and variety!

This is our pre-designed "Are We There Yet?" Specialty Border shown in a 6" width. This panel is shown in it's finished grouted stage.

Another great example would be this fireplace surround design based on another one one of our new Specialty Borders, "Kinda Crabby" (shown below). This border was made to approximately 8" wide and wrapping the firebox of this surround for a seamless finish. Fireplaces are an often overlooked area for a unique conversation-starting design.

The original "Kinda Crabby" design shown in a 6" width. As you can see, the blonde Mermaid in the center of the fireplace surround was a request from our client, which held special meaning to them. All those underglazed areas between the Crab's claws and the Mermaid's hair and tail will be covered in grout during installation which further brings out the detail of the design!

Not only can we change the length, width, or shape as seen above, but we're also able to mix and match designs to make a truly one-of-a-kind mural or border! For example, in this shower floor design we're currently working on we've taken the main characteristics from the two standard designs above (the "Are We There Yet?" and "Kinda Crabby" Specialty Borders) and created a whimsical, flowing design. The concept drawing our artists created shows all of the various "Friends" and Mosaic Textures to be used. This design will be surrounded by plain neutral toned travertine tile to complete the installation. We can't wait to see the finished space!

This design features elements from the "Kinda Crabby" border such as the Horseshoe Crab, Small Crab, Gravel Green and Sliced Gravel Green Mosaic Textures, as well as elements from the "Are We There Yet?" mural such as the Flat Sea Turtle, Baby Sea Turtles, and Rin Tin Wet Dog Minis!

We love being able to create custom pieces of art for our customers to enjoy! Feel free to check out our Photos and Ideas page for more cool designs!

Have a great day, everyone!

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