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Keeping the Summer Vibes Going!

Hey, everyone!

Fall is almost here! It's crazy how fast summer always seems to go, isn't it? While autumn is always a beautiful time here in New Hampshire, we're not quite ready to let go of summer. With that being said, here are some photos of a recent installation that really keep the summer vibes going!

We were asked to create a shower wall installation and we're super happy with how it came out! It's nautical, fun, and keeps the summer vibes around all year long!

This mural features our 6" Flat Sea Turtle, 4" Baby Horseshoe Crab, 10" Swimming Mermaid, 10" Diving Mermaid, 8" Large Jellyfish, and many more!

This client sent us some of the pebbles ahead of time so we could include some our Friends into the shoreline and ensure a smooth transition and easy installation! Although we didn't supply the pebbles on the bottom half of this installation, this just goes to show that our glazes can really match with anything you'd like! With almost 100 glazes to choose from, it's easy to color coordinate!

This is one of our favorite projects because it's so bright and summery, and with the leaves starting to change, we aren't ready to let go of summer just yet!

Have a great week, everyone!

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