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The 1 Year Anniversary of our Shop Fire...

As of yesterday, December 17th 2017, it's been one full year since our old shop caught fire

In some ways it feels as if it was just yesterday, and in other ways it feels as if it happened forever ago.

Come to think of it - it must feel like forever ago because so much has happened since then...

In early January the first walls of our new shop went up. By June 1st we were ready to move in! Fast forward to today, we've been in our new shop for almost 7 months! 

With more than 2x the amount of space as our old shop, we've really had space to grow...

Our first floor is completely open with new long tables we can arrange however we need. Our stock levels of materials, bisqueware, and glazeware have never been so high!

New shelving holds all of the molds we saved from the fire. In the upper left corner you can see our old Wet Dog Tile sign that was taken from the old shop before it was torn down.

The second floor contains a pottery room, artist room, shipping and receiving, a second kiln room, an office space, and the glazing room you see above. 

The 3rd floor is mostly storage space along with a break room and a bathroom. The mural in the photo above is in the 3rd story bathroom - it contains new pieces that we'll be putting up on the website next month! Pieces such as otters, jellyfish, seahorses, and much more.

 Not only do we have a new shop and new pieces to unveil, but we've hired some new, friendly faces! The Wet Dog team keeps growing!

We can't give enough thanks to everyone who has helped us get where we are today. Those who helped build the shop, our wonderful customers, and all of our supporters - thank you. This wouldn't be possible without any of you! 2017 has been one crazy year but we are forever grateful. ♥

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  1. Aloha--we can sure feel for you. In 2015 a passing tropical storm took the roof off our house and then dumped torrential rain which collapsed the ceilings into our house. We lost much of the house and were displaced for about 8 1/2 months rebuilding and reinventing the house into our little cottage by the sea. We had many friends (and even strangers) lending a helping hand along the journey so we felt it brought out the best in many people, including us--teaching us great gratitude and appreciation. (We were able to save momentos and precious things in the time between the roof and the collaspe by loading up our cars.) We've been back in our "new" house almost 2 years--and it turns out to be the best thing that could have happened. Looking back it seems so long ago and yet only yesterday, as you indicated, too. We hope you can look back at your time of fire and recovery and all that has happened since and have a similar feeling. Look what you have now. We also share much of the same feelings about nature, and pets, I believe. Your work is wonderful and as we now put an addition on our home and expand our master bedroom/bath, we hope to incorporate your beautiful works into our little cottage by the sea. Love your artistry.