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Projects for This Week!

Hey, everyone! 

We wanted to show some of the projects we're working on this week!

This mural is almost complete! This is a custom mural based on our "In The Moonlight" mural from our Pond Dog Collection. Slate still has to be cut to fit the upper portion.

This is a custom border using our 3" Extra Small Starfish, Rounds (from the Wet Dog Mosaics page), Rubble Pebbles, and Shale Skipping Stones, both from our Wet Dog Textures page. We're hoping to get an installation photo of this one because it is pretty unique!
Another shot of the custom border from above!

This is a Starfish border in the Tidal colorway, part of our Ocean Dog Collection. This border is an item available for "quick ship", meaning we can send these out in 3-5 days instead of the regular 2-3 week lead time.

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We hope everyone has a great day!

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  1. As an artist myself, I really appreciate your attention your creativity and attention to detail! I was reading your blogs and it's amazing how you have recovered after the conflagration of your old building.

    I love, love, love your designs! The name of my company is The Wave of Change Massage Therapy, and it's all decorated in Oceanfront and Beach designs, as well as my basement was decorated that way, so I ESPECIALLY love your designs! Maybe I'll have you make a plaque for me the with the name of my company sometime. I'm going to keep checking your website and looking at your new designs, which are so inspiring and cheerful! ROCK ON!!!