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Long Time No Talk!

Hey everyone! We're still here!

We've seriously been falling behind with our online presence over the past couple months and for that we are truly sorry! So much of our effort has been put towards getting our stock levels up and fulfilling orders that we haven't had the time! That's going to change in the next few weeks, however, because we have some really exciting news that we can't help but share...

Our new shop is almost complete!

If you can't remember our last blog post (understandable) then be sure to check it out. It has come such a long way in just a few months and we're anxious to get in! Check out some of these photos below to see the progress and where it's at right now!


The very first walls went up during the second week of January

Jump ahead towards the end of January and the second story walls are going up!

Fast-forward to today and it's nearly complete!

The inside needs some work still but it's moving quickly!


We're all so excited for our new space, not only because it's new but because it's more! This new studio doubles our last studio (and our current temporary studio) in size.

More info to come, more pictures to come, more updates to come. 

Thank you for sticking with us, we couldn't be more grateful.

~ the Wet Dog team

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