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Greyhound Hope Rehabilitation and Adoption Mural

While a portion of each Wet Dog Tile sale gets donated to local and national dog rescue organizations, we also try to donate pieces, borders, or murals when we can. This week we're shipping off a mural to Greyhound Hope Rehabilitation and Adoption, an all volunteer organization that has a strong love and commitment for the welfare of the racing greyhound. 

Check out the mural below and feel free to visit to learn more, check out their upcoming events, donate, and more!


  1. I'm so pleased with the design of those tiles, I love it! I have a Greyhound named Rosy and she's the best! Although she is such a large breed, she's such a goofball and thinks she's a small breed! Imagine wanting to be carried by me? I love my dog! I think everyone should have a Greyhound, then the world will be better and friendlier. One look at this dog's eyes and you'll see that she loves all humans and other animals! Their temperament makes them great around children and the elderly. For more information on this breed, why not go to this site

  2. Even the Bedouin (who as devout Muslims shun dogs in general for supposedly being unclean) since time immemorial have so revered the Greyhound (or its derivative or ancestor) that not only was contact permitted, they even allowed the consumption of game caught by such dogs.dogtor online