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It's Been A While!

Hi everyone! We've been quite busy within the last couple weeks - so busy that we haven't been keeping up with things online! Things are finally slowing down enough to have a chance to write a blog post! There's nothing too exciting going on - here are a few photos we snapped this week:

This is a long 6" tall "Ocean Medley" border from our Ocean Dog Collection. This has been put together, glued, and is now waiting to be cut up and packaged.

Here's an 18"x18" variation on our "As The Tide Goes Out" mural from the Ocean Dog Collection. This is in the dry-lay stage - put together and awaiting final changes before being glued. This mural was made with customer-supplied glass rounds! We had poor lighting while taking this picture - it's much more beautiful in person, we promise!

Here's another mural in the dry-lay stage. Very similar to the "Are We There Yet?" mural. 

These sections were part of a very large project that included many more feet of border and a large mural backsplash! The empty spaces are reserved for wall plates for light switches and outlets.

Here's a photo we snapped this afternoon! Spring is finally here in New Hampshire and we're certainly feeling it! It's only a matter of time until the trees fill in again!

Expect to hear more of us from here on out! Have a great day!

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