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A Small Company Doing Big Things!

Today we're figuring out how to create larger tile pieces. 

Working in large-format is pretty tricky because clay shrinks based on it's size and weight. Getting multiple pieces to fit together once dry is a bit of a challenge.

Our first test piece is going to be a snowboard. Once all is said and done, it should be about 45 inches in length!

We start on the computer with an image to get sizing and proportions right.

Because this piece is quite large, it has to be cut into smaller sections. With that being said, each section will shrink differently.
We use stones to keep the edges weighed down to prevent curling. It doesn't get more natural than that!

Once the pieces are dry we can assess the shrinkage rates and we'll know more about when to cut, where to cut, and how to piece it all back together! Here's what we've got so far:

It is definitely a learning experience!

Our goal is to have the snowboards ready by early Winter 2015. If everything goes to plan, we will be able to make them custom to order - meaning if you've got a favorite snowboard of your own, we can paint the tile pieces to match your snowboard at home!

Obligatory Moe photo! Have a great weekend from all of us at Wet Dog Tile!

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